Fittler 'won't write off' coaching the Tigers

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NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler said helium "wouldn't constitute disconnected anything" erstwhile asked if helium would see coaching the Wests Tigers if approached for the role.

Finishing the play 13th connected the ladder with conscionable 8 wins, the Tigers lurched into situation aft going down to woody spooners the Bulldogs successful a 38-0 thrashing connected Sunday.

The unit connected manager Michael Maguire has reached fever pitch, and the likelihood of the erstwhile Rabbitohs premiership manager getting sacked are shortening by the day.

The imaginable for the Tigers to participate the marketplace for a caller manager comes astatine a clip erstwhile speech of Fittler making a instrumentality to clubland has been doing the rounds. The erstwhile Roosters manager was precocious linked with the Eels arsenic unit intensified connected Brad Arthur but he has since made it wide he's not interested.

Yet he's made it wide that helium has immoderate level of involvement successful returning to NRL coaching should the close occupation travel up and was asked connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth whether helium would see the apical occupation astatine the Tigers if helium was approached by the club.

Brad Fittler with the NSW Blues (Getty)

"I wouldn't constitute disconnected anything, but I've got to accidental I emotion moving for Channel Nine and I emotion coaching State of Origin and moving for New South Wales Rugby League," Fittler said.

"They're 2 imagination jobs. They look to wed good with each other.

"You've got to instrumentality maine kicking and screaming. If determination were a mates of clubs that are successful truly bully positions astatine the moment, I deliberation the Tigers are 1 of them."

Fittler added that helium felt an affectional attachment to the nine the Tigers should beryllium but isn't owed to his upbringing successful Ashcroft.

"I grew up retired of Ashcroft, which is successful amongst the Campbelltown country and the Campbelltown competition," Fittler said.

"When I grew up, wrong 5 kilometres determination were thing up to 10 clubs wrong 5 kilometres. There is present none.

"The radical haven't gone away, they conscionable look to person stopped putting effort into those areas."

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Before taking the Blues occupation successful 2018, Fittler had acquisition arsenic a caput manager for his erstwhile squad the Roosters, betwixt 2007 and 2009. After a palmy archetypal season, things turned sour and helium was yet sacked with a 43 per cent triumph rate.

Discussing the existent issues astatine the Wests Tigers, Fittler said helium can't recognize wherefore the nine hasn't attempted to grow its footprint successful the Macarthur portion of south-western Sydney.

Back successful December of 2019, the NSW authorities declared Sydney's Greater Macarthur country arsenic a maturation area, with plans to money and present up to 40,000 jobs and 58,000 caller homes implicit the adjacent 20 years.

Currently, the A League is the lone premier contention to person expanded into that portion pursuing the instauration of caller squad Macarthur FC.

"If you look astatine Macarthur, going down towards Canberra, that has the highest maturation colonisation successful Australia," Fittler said.

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"They're gathering much houses retired determination than anyplace successful Australia. It's been wholly neglected.

"They propulsion a mates of games retired astatine Campbelltown.

"How are you not throwing a caller stadium retired astatine Macarthur? Using that immense country adjacent Campbelltown Sports Ground, close connected a bid station. I don't get it.

"They person a fantastic installation successful Concord wherever they tin bid retired of. They tin person a mates of games astatine Leichhardt.

"But that (Macarthur) has to beryllium your home. If you privation to commencement gathering within, that has to beryllium your home.

"You person St Gregory's (College) up the roadworthy which is simply a fantastic schoolhouse and has punched retired truthful galore large NRL players. It's a nary brainer for me."

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