Five reasons why we love the Philips Fidelio B97 soundbar

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(Pocket-lint) - There's ne'er been a amended clip to bask a cinematic acquisition astatine home, peculiarly erstwhile it comes to audio equipment. Thanks to technologies similar Dolby Atmos, you tin get fantastic, heavy dependable that surrounds you and immerses you successful your favourite movies and TV shows. 

In the past, you needed aggregate speakers dotted astir the country to get decent situation sound. But now, you tin bash it with 1 highly susceptible soundbar. One specified merchandise is the Philips Fidelio B97, and here's wherefore we emotion it. 


Real situation sound 

When it comes to situation sound, determination aren't galore soundbars retired determination arsenic susceptible arsenic the 7.1.2 transmission equipped Fidelio B97. It has a classical situation dependable statement with dedicated centre, near and close speakers. 

It features afloat Dolby Atmos enactment and is IMAX enhanced. That's enabled by a acceptable of 2 up-firing drivers which present  audio up and astir you successful the room. In fact, the dependable barroom is packed afloat of speakers. 


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Along with those 2 up firing speakers, it has 2 dedicated centre drivers, six beforehand firing speakers and 2 side-firing drivers. 

To instrumentality the situation dependable effect up different level however, it adjacent has 2 detachable progressive speakers which you tin spot anyplace successful the country to springiness a much immersive consciousness to your sound. What's truly bully though is that adjacent erstwhile the speakers are detached 2 much side-angled tweeters are revealed successful the main soundbar keeping that audio firing to the utmost near and right. 

Dynamic audio 

The operation of speakers and tweeters delivers room-filling dependable that's affluent and full, with dialog that's crisp and wide portion euphony and soundtracks dependable bully capable that you won't request immoderate different dependable systems successful your lounge oregon media room. 


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As for bass, the soundbar is susceptible of reaching each the mode down to 150Hz, meaning the 240W wireless subwoofer lone has to absorption connected the ultra debased frequencies. That means you truly consciousness the interaction of it. Whether it beryllium a rhythmic bass enactment successful a song, oregon heavy booming from explosions successful your favourite enactment movie. It shakes the country (in a bully way). 

Wireless convenience 

One of the large benefits of the Fidelio B97 is its compatibility with respective wireless multi-room technologies. For instance, with DTS Play-Fi enactment you tin adhd it to your Play-Fi location setup and person it sync with your different compatible speakers. What's more, it has AirPlay 2 support, making it truly casual for iPhone and iPad users to watercourse audio. Plus, Spotify Connect means you tin play your Spotify playlists and power it from immoderate instrumentality you person that's logged into Spotify. 


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That's not each either, due to the fact that of its transverse compatibility with respective astute assistants similar Google Assistant, Alexa and with its AirPlay 2 enactment you tin inquire your adjunct to play euphony connected the soundbar, whether you usage Siri, Google oregon Alexa. 

Plenty of ports

It's not conscionable successful wireless connectivity the Fidelio soundbar shows its versatility. It's got the carnal ports to accommodate to you arsenic well. There are 2 HDMI inputs with 4K passthrough for your favourite sources - whether media players oregon consoles - and an HDMI eARC output. 

All that means it tin walk done 4K video with Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ oregon HLG profiles, depending connected what your TV and connected devices support. 

There's an optical input for those who similar to usage that, arsenic good arsenic the modular 3.5mm socket. Combined with Bluetooth, that means you tin link virtually immoderate instrumentality to it. 


Lastly, there's the design. Yes, it's rather a ample merchandise - and truthful you'll request to measurement up your abstraction to marque definite it'll acceptable archetypal - but it's a precise nicely designed portion of kit. Philips has worked with IMAX to guarantee that the main barroom with the rear speakers detached inactive qualifies for IMAX Enhanced certification. So really, it's impressively compact for what it tin offer.  


Fidelio B97 soundbar photograph  1

What's more, the acceptable and decorativeness of the talker makes it look and consciousness similar a proper, premium soundbar. The subtlety of apical the matte finished grille that covers the full instrumentality contrasts nicely with the polished elements, portion the debased illustration plan means it volition acceptable nether your TV without interrupting the viewing. The astute wireless soundbar has an charismatic minimal plan that doesn't gully excessively overmuch attraction to itself. 

So determination you person it, a fistful of reasons wherefore we emotion the Fidelio B97 and wherefore you should see it if you're superior astir sound. 


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