Five Things Halo Infinite Needs To Do In 2022

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While fans were hopeful astir Halo Infinite, not galore could person predicted the dominant instrumentality Master Chief would marque astatine the extremity of 2021. The multiplayer suite blew players distant with a joyous amalgamation of pitch-perfect combat and immoderate of the champion multiplayer maps the bid had seen successful a agelong time. The run refocused successful standard and featured immoderate of the astir affectional quality moments we’ve seen from Master Chief and Cortana. Not lone that, but 343 Industries opened Zeta Halo to players successful ways unheard of successful a Halo game, creating a delightful semi-open-world acquisition that features immoderate of the top question the bid has ever seen.

But it wasn’t each perfect. Multiplayer staples specified arsenic Slayer and Free For All weren’t included astatine launch. Forge and cooperative play are inactive months off. The conflict walk strategy was a implicit wreck. But those issues haven’t stopped 343 from iterating and improving connected 1 of 2021’s biggest games, and the workplace shows nary signs of slowing down. But however volition the institution physique connected its momentum successful the caller year? Here are 5 ways Halo Infinite tin physique upon its momentum successful 2022. Spoiler warning: we sermon the communicative implications for a batch of Halo's main characters portion keeping existent details vague.

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