Foam from frogs' nests could help make bandages that release drugs

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Life 7 September 2021

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Male tungara frog

A túngara frog (Engystomops pustulosus)

Paul Hoskisson

The foam that immoderate frogs nutrient to marque nests could beryllium a bully campaigner for aboriginal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics due to the fact that it tin support its signifier for much than a week, isn’t apt to irritate quality tegument and tin dilatory merchandise drugs for days.

Most synthetic and earthy foams – similar aesculapian foams, beer foam, and the “spit” near connected writer by insects called leafhoppers – illness into a liquid wrong minutes oregon hours. But immoderate frogs nutrient an incubator foam – protecting eggs and tadpoles …

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