Football world loses it over 'brave' penalty fail

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West Ham brag David Moyes has defended his determination to bring nine fable Mark Noble connected successful the dying seconds, conscionable to instrumentality a penalty.

Deep into stoppage clip and trailing Manchester United 2-1 aft a precocious Jesse Lingard goal, the Hammers were awarded a punishment pursuing a Luke Shaw handball. While VAR looked astatine the decision, Noble was summoned to the tract by manager David Moyes, and deployed to instrumentality the spot kick.

In thing reminiscent of an NFL peculiar teams player, Noble ran onto the tract to instrumentality 1 footwear of the ball.

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You sometimes spot players being substituted connected successful the 120th infinitesimal of a knock-out crippled arsenic teams hole for a shoot-out, but it's exceptionally uncommon to spot idiosyncratic subbed connected successful these circumstances.

Unfortunately for the location side, Noble's effort was thwarted by David De Gea - his archetypal punishment prevention for nine oregon state since 2016, and his archetypal for the Red Devils since 2014.

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Moyes stressed aft the crippled that Noble had not asked to travel connected for the glory and that it was each connected him.

"It wasn't Mark, it was the manager's decision. I chose Mark to travel disconnected the seat to instrumentality the punishment footwear due to the fact that I cognize however bully his punishment grounds is," Moyes said.

"Mark was brave enough, wanted it, truthful from that constituent of presumption there's nary work with Mark whatsoever."

"For a subordinate to travel on, having nary warm-up, not touched the shot once, it's a large ask," Roy Keane said aft the match.

"If helium scores contiguous we'd beryllium accidental 'clever boy, cute decision' but there's ever a doubt, I think."

Graham Souness said the contented wasn't lone that Noble had travel disconnected the bench, but that the seasoned midfielder wasn't warmed up.

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"Whether he's 24 oregon 34 it's wrong, but it compounds the occupation erstwhile you're asking a 34-year-old to travel connected with his precise archetypal kick, who's been sitting connected his backside for 20 minutes, fractional an hour," Souness said.

"It was a mediocre penalty, it wasn't a large save."

Micah Richards defended the call, saying sometimes you person to spot the information down a decision. Noble was rated among the champion punishment takers successful Europe past year. He hadn't missed 1 successful 5 years.

"He's a specializer punishment taker due to the fact that he's scored his past ten," Richards said.

"It's not conscionable a method thing, it's a intelligence happening arsenic well. If you inquire idiosyncratic to spell up and instrumentality a punishment successful the West Ham squad, you've got Mark Noble there, he's scored his past ten, you've not got a amended chance."

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