Formula 1 star Bottas seals move to 'iconic' team

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Finnish Formula 1 operator Valtteri Bottas is acceptable to articulation Alfa Romeo successful 2022 aft signing a multi-year woody with the squad aft 5 seasons with Mercedes.

The 32-year-old has finished successful the apical 3 of the Formula 1 satellite title successful 3 of his archetypal 4 years with Mercedes, and is presently successful 3rd presumption down Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton successful this year's championship.

The nine-time expansive prix winner's determination to Alfa Romeo follows the status announcement of seasoned countryman Kimi Raikkonen.

"A caller section successful my racing vocation is opening: I'm excited to articulation Alfa Romeo Racing ... for 2022 and beyond for what is going to beryllium a caller situation with an iconic manufacturer," Bottas said successful an Alfa Romeo statement.

Valtteri Bottas (centre) with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. (Getty)

"Alfa Romeo is simply a marque that needs nary introduction, they person written immoderate large pages of Formula 1 past and it's going to beryllium an honour to correspond this marquee.

"The imaginable of the set-up successful Hinwil is wide and I americium relishing the accidental to assistance pb the squad guardant up the grid, particularly with the caller regulations successful 2022 giving the squad a accidental to marque a leap successful performance.

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"I'm grateful for the spot the squad has enactment successful maine and I cannot hold to repay their faith. I'm arsenic bare arsenic ever to contention for results and, erstwhile the clip comes, for wins.

"I cognize [Alfa Romero managing director] Fred [Vasseur] good and I americium looking guardant to getting to cognize the remainder of the squad I americium going to enactment with, gathering relationships arsenic beardown arsenic the ones I person astatine Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas celebrates his Japanese Grand Prix win. (Getty)

"I americium arrogant of what I person achieved successful Brackley and I americium afloat focused connected finishing the occupation arsenic we combat for different satellite championship, but I americium besides looking guardant to the caller challenges that await maine adjacent year."

Vasseur welcomed Bottas to the team.

"He is the close operator to assistance Alfa Romeo Racing ... marque a measurement guardant towards the beforehand of the grid," Vasseur said.

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"I'm truly looking guardant to seeing him enactment his quality to enactment for the bully of the team.

"The multi-year woody bringing him to america gives some Valtteri and the squad the stableness we request to physique our task astatine a important clip for Formula 1. We are excited for what the aboriginal holds successful store."

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