Fundraiser Held For Galt Officers Involved In Crash

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By Molly RiehlSeptember 4, 2021 astatine 10:02 pm

GALT (CBS13) – A Galt constabulary serviceman severely wounded successful a deadly car clang is recovering astatine location tonight. Officer Kapri Herrera was released from the infirmary Friday with a enactment of constabulary officers cheering her on.

Herrera and her spouse connected the force, Harminder Grewal, were connected their mode to the Caldor Fire erstwhile they were deed head-on, by different driver. Grewal yet passed away.

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The Galt assemblage came unneurotic to assistance grant and enactment those section constabulary officers.

When the going gets tough, Galt gets going.

“Everyone’s like, ‘yes, yes, immoderate you need. What bash you need?'” said Bre, proprietor of Teacher Bre’s Shop. “It conscionable wounded america truly atrocious to spot our officers, and it was conscionable bully to find a mode to springiness back.”

Bre and different small-business proprietor gathered their assemblage of makers and planned a pop-up fundraiser.

“We called everyone that we knew,” said Lindsey Barbata, proprietor of Happy Bark successful Galt.

And galt showed up.


“I personally knew serviceman Herrera,” said Galt nonmigratory Annie Mielenz.

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…strangers, and colleagues…

“It’s a large nonaccomplishment for us,” said Galt Police Department Sgt. Brian Azevedo.

…came unneurotic to amusement their support.

“The full assemblage feels this, arsenic you tin spot by the turnout today,” said Azevedo.

Sgt. Azevedo said Officer Grewal was 1 of the lights of the department.

“He was ever successful a bully temper and loved what helium did. That’s each helium wanted to bash successful beingness was beryllium a constabulary officer,” helium said.

Azevedo said seeing Officer Herrera permission the infirmary connected Friday was an affectional boost of energy.

“We can’t hold to spot her improving and getting better,” helium said.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds from Saturday’s pop-up volition beryllium donated toward a memorial money for Officer Grewal and a aesculapian money for Officer Herrera.

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