Gallen in SBW's sights as two-year plan revealed

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Sonny Bill Williams has revealed his program to resurrect his boxing career, and explained wherefore a Paul Gallen superfight is connected the agenda... but not consecutive away.

The 2 retired NRL premiership stars person been connected a collision people to quadrate disconnected successful the ringing ever since Gallen made his debut with the gloves successful 2012, and shot fans begged for the bout to happen.

Williams has since been accused of dodging Gallen, and past twelvemonth the second conceded the cross-code lawsuit was small accidental of happening.

Williams had his archetypal combat successful 2009 and has lone had 8 successful total, though has won each 1 of those.

In June helium had his archetypal combat successful six years, defeating Waikato Falefehi by unanimous decision.

Gallen has been overmuch much prolific, holding an 11-1 nonrecreational grounds with his lone nonaccomplishment coming successful a 10-round battering against Australia's superstar heavyweight Justis Huni, besides successful June.

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It was Gallen's 2nd combat this twelvemonth already, having annihilated erstwhile heavyweight champion Lucas Browne successful a stunning first-round sound out.

Despite being urged to discontinue pursuing the Huni slugfest, Gallen precocious signed a declaration to person 3 fights implicit the adjacent 18 months, though his opponents are yet to beryllium announced.

Williams was asked connected ABC Radio whether helium would beryllium up for stepping successful the ringing with Gallen.

"I anticipation you weren't insinuating that he's retired of my league, due to the fact that for myself I decidedly don't judge that," Williams said.

"He'll beryllium each portion of the process. For maine it's the challenge.

"I don't request to combat and he's stated that he's a prize combatant truthful he's evidently successful it for the money. For me, I'm successful it for the challenge."

Gallen has repeatedly stated helium is successful boxing solely for the money, and helium was rumoured to person pocketed much than $1.2 cardinal from the Huni combat alone.

Huni beats Gallen by 10th circular TKO

Gallen besides raked successful a sizeable paycheque for throwing down with retired AFL prima Barry Hall 2 years agone successful Melbourne, which ended successful a draw.

But a combat against Williams would undoubtedly nett some men the biggest azygous payday of their sporting careers, with speculation each could pouch upwards of $2 cardinal for the event.

Williams, though, isn't astir to leap successful the ringing with Gallen - oregon Hall - without immoderate much mentation nether his belt.

Now afloat retired from football, Williams says helium wants to perpetrate himself to the athletics for 2 years.

"When it comes to warring Paul Gallen oregon Barry Hall, those guys are each portion of the process but for maine it's astir the regular grind and being wholeheartedly successful it," Williams told the ABC.

"That stems from thing much than say, 'I've got my eyes connected solely focused connected Paul Gallen oregon Barry Hall'.

Gallen beats Browne by first-round TKO

"I'm conscionable trying to fastener successful something. I've had a batch of offers already to combat overseas.

"But astatine this stage, it's conscionable getting backmost successful the ring, getting a consciousness for it, grooming hard time successful time out. And past I deliberation deity willing, if I scope the heights that I deliberation I tin reach, those guys (Gallen and Hall) volition beryllium portion of the process.

"I've fixed myself 24 months... I've fixed my each to rugby and rugby league implicit the years and it would conscionable beryllium bully to spot wherever I'm astatine (with boxing) aft 24 months alternatively of a six-week campy oregon a 12-week camp."

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