Garmin Fenix 7 adds touchscreen, built-in torch and more outdoors adventurer features

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(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever eyed up an outdoor fittingness tracking ticker past chances are you'll person heard of Garmin's Fenix range, which sits towards the apical of its merchandise range. For 2022 it's been refreshed successful the signifier of the Garmin Fenix 7, truthful what's caller and breathtaking astir this ticker series?

We've agelong been fans of the Fenix scope - the 6 Pro and 6 Pro Solar were top-mark products successful our reviews - and the Fenix 7 takes each that was bully astir that and builds upon its diagnostic set. There are a heap of options to cater for each specifics, too, with the Fenix 7S, Fenix 7, Fenix 7X each disposable successful 'standard', Solar, and Sapphire Solar editions - the past 2 adding solar-power and Power Sapphire solid successful addition.

Principal to the Fenix 7's caller features is simply a touchscreen, which lacked successful predecessors. It tin beryllium switched disconnected if it's not to your taste, oregon you conscionable wouldn't usage it erstwhile retired successful the field, but we could spot it being utile for circumstantial tasks - possibly erstwhile you're astatine location scrolling done information detail, for example.

There's besides dual-band GPS connected the Sapphire Solar Edition (including the L5 band) which is peculiarly utile for an outdoorsy ticker wherever awesome tin beryllium much challenging to acquire. Even a built-in torch features (on the 7X exemplary only) to assistance illuminate your mode - though usage it sparingly if you privation to prevention artillery life.

All Fenix 7 watches travel preloaded with SkiView to visualise tally names and trouble ratings for 2000+ skis resorts crossed the globe. The Solar and Solar Sapphire models travel with TopoActive maps downloadable worldwide (not conscionable portion specific, arsenic has been the lawsuit successful erstwhile watches). That second constituent volition beryllium a large gully for satellite adventurers looking for topographic maps.

Garmin has agelong been processing tools for assessing energy, specified arsenic BodyBattery successful its moving watches (which is besides included here, utilized successful sync with the Pulse Ox bloody oxygen show and 24/7 heart-rate tracking).

The Fenix 7 besides offers Real-Time Stamina, which is designed to way exertion levels during moving oregon cycling. There's besides a Visual Race Predictor diagnostic to assistance measure your wide moving training. Then Recovery Time Advisor tin instrumentality into relationship grooming strength crossed immoderate subject and counsel connected remainder required.

Sounds similar an all-around large update to the Fenix bid then. Garmin volition besides present an Epix 'Gen 2' model, implicit with an AMOLED display, skewed towards a much manner lawsuit - an outdoorsy alternate to, say, the Apple Watch Series 7, if you will.

The Garmin Fenix 7 bid volition spell connected merchantability from £599.99, with the Solar and Sapphire Solar models inevitably costing more.


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