Glenn Beck Said That He Didn’t Need The Vaccine, Now He Has COVID In His Lungs

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Glenn Beck said that helium didn’t the vaccine, but present helium has COVID, and it has progressed to his lungs.

Beck was connected Mark Levin’s vigor show erstwhile helium casually announced that his COVID has gotten worse, “I americium great, Mark. I americium great, Mark. Despite having COVID and seeing the demolition of our country.

Levin asked Beck, “Do you person COVID close now?”

Beck replied, “Ya, I do. It’s [COVID-19] starting to spell into my lungs contiguous and a small disturbing. I’m connected each the medications and treatments and everything else, so.”

Beck said that the monoclonal attraction isn’t arsenic effectual for Omicron, but helium is taking the accustomed blimpish slayer cocktail of hydroxychloroquine and equine dewormer, truthful helium should beryllium conscionable fine, which is precisely what thousands of blimpish anti-vaxxers said earlier him, and they are each dead now.

Glenn Beck, dissimilar the different anti-vaxxer Fox News watching fatalities, has a ton of money, truthful helium tin spend the champion aesculapian care, truthful it is disingenuous for him to mislead radical by claiming that helium is doing large with COVID successful his lungs.

Just similar hundreds of thousands of different Americans, Glenn Beck claimed that helium didn’t request the vaccine, and present helium has worsening COVID and is an illustration of the benignant of unnecessary aesculapian information that is clogging up hospitals each crossed the United States.

Beck is the poster kid for COVID selfishness.

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