Google's folding phone, codename Passport, still on track for 2021 launch

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(Pocket-lint) - Evan Blass - 1 of the telephone industry's astir reliable leakers - has claimed that a trusted root has confirmed that the Passport - Google's folding Pixel - volition motorboat successful 2021.

Heard from idiosyncratic I spot that the foldable Pixel -- codename: Passport, retail branding: chartless -- volition so motorboat earlier the extremity of the year. Apparently they've been moving connected this instrumentality for implicit 2 years, and if the P6 is immoderate indication, it'll beryllium worthy a look.

— E (@evleaks) September 20, 2021

That rumour has agelong been successful circulation. As acold backmost arsenic August 2020 we person reports of a Q4 2021 launch for a folding telephone from Google. We've been tracking these rumours for immoderate clip - though we've not seen the benignant of leaking we've seen for different Google devices.

We each cognize that Google is preparing to motorboat the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, not conscionable due to the fact that determination person been a batch of leaks, but due to the fact that Google has confirmed rather a batch astir these phones already.

Google has, successful caller years, made the unprecedented determination of confirming details pursuing important leaks. We've seen plan leaks wherever Google has stepped guardant and released it's ain images, for example, months earlier launch.

The question is wherefore Google does this? It surely kills the rumour rhythm due to the fact that it becomes fact, but it besides lessens the anticipation of that large uncover somewhat.

But successful this case, is Google revealing details astir the Pixel 6 aboriginal due to the fact that its hardware lawsuit volition absorption connected the Pixel Fold instead?

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That would beryllium a large spot of misdirection: pb your followers down the way towards 2 absorbing phones, lone to uncover thing wholly new, the folding Pixel.

This thought mightiness entreaty to a batch of people, Google pulling a power and bait connected everyone, but however volition Google halt the Passport leaking? Google, arsenic acold arsenic we tin see, has seen each hardware merchandise leak earlier the large uncover - truthful wherefore would a folding telephone beryllium immoderate different?

Evan Blass has a bully estimation erstwhile it comes to revealing details and we've already had a fig of pieces of the Passport puzzle amusement themselves. Certainly, with Google looking astatine a bold alteration of absorption for the Pixel 6, the anticipation for its folding instrumentality (or devices) is going to beryllium high.   

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 20 September 2021.

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