Google's upcoming foldable phone is expected to be called the Pixel Notepad

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(Pocket-lint) - The rumour mill is operating astatine afloat velocity for Google's expected foldable device. Most recently, we learned that the caller telephone is apt to instrumentality aft the Oppo Find N successful signifier factor.

Until now, astir radical person been calling it the Pixel Fold but the latest leak suggests that it whitethorn beryllium known arsenic the Pixel Notepad instead.

A root told 9to5Google that 'Notepad' is the moving marque sanction internally astatine Google and that the sanction 'Logbook' was besides being considered.

Of course, this could each alteration earlier the authoritative announcement, but it's absorbing to perceive that Google isn't looking to thin into the Fold branding that truthful galore of america expected.

The root besides said that the Pixel Notebook volition outgo little than Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 which launched astatine $1,799.

This is reassuring arsenic first-generation devices tin often beryllium highly pricey, Samsung's first-gen Foldable was overmuch person to $2000. We don't expect this to travel cheap, though.

The Pixel Notepad is apt to motorboat successful a akin manner to the Pixel 4a successful 2020, landing with the US archetypal earlier expanding to different countries. The root suggests that the rollout whitethorn instrumentality longer successful the lawsuit of the Notepad, portion the Pixel 4a had astir a 1 period spread successful planetary availability.

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Rumours surrounding the Pixel Notepad person been each implicit the place, for a agelong clip it looked similar the instrumentality mightiness person been cancelled outright. Lately, it seems much apt that we'll beryllium seeing Google's foldable successful the adjacent future, and we're looking guardant to it.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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