GoPro Hero 10 Black launched, GP2 powered camera can shoot 4K at 120fps

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(Pocket-lint) - GoPro has unveiled the latest successful a long-line of high-end enactment cameras. The Hero 10 Black picks up the updated plan of the Hero 9, but packs successful immoderate overmuch much almighty brains. 

Key to the caller camera's capabilities is the updated mentation of the company's customized processor, called the GP2. This has enabled precocious frame-rate signaling astatine precocious resolutions, amended stabilisation and speedier all-round performance. 

The camera tin sprout astatine an unthinkable 5.3K solution astatine 60 frames-per-second oregon 4K solution astatine a monolithic 120 frames-per-second. That means 4K solution 4x slow-motion video. Or, if you privation to spell slower, there's 2.7K solution astatine a 240 frames-per-second (or 8x). 


This is enabled by a caller 23.5-megapixel camera sensor, which besides means you tin drawback 15.8-megapixel inactive framework grabs from a 5.3K video. 

As for inactive photography, the Hero 10 Black shoots 23-megapixel successful Burst mode, nighttime photograph mode, SuperPhoto and RAW. 

Like its predecessor, the Hero 10 features HyperSmooth exertion which is - fundamentally - precocious in-camera physics stabilisation. This means truly creaseless - astir gimbal-like - footage adjacent erstwhile moving with it successful your hand, our upland biking connected unsmooth terrain. 

The lone downside is that if you privation to usage the latest HyperSmooth diagnostic you can't usage the highest frame-rate signaling options. It does enactment successful the 4K/60 mounting though, truthful you tin inactive get sharp, accelerated footage with it switched on. 

In addition, GoPro has updated the in-camera skyline levelling. The institution has accrued the tilt bounds from 27-degrees successful the Hero 9 to 45-degrees successful the Hero 10, erstwhile shooting up to 4K/60, oregon 2.7K/120. 

Those aren't the lone improvements though. GoPro has besides made the lens screen much durable, and made it hydrophobic, meaning that erstwhile it gets wet, h2o volition glide disconnected it quicker than erstwhile versions to guarantee your footage isn't marred by large drops of h2o connected the glass. 

What's more, it tin beryllium utilized successful webcam mode if you privation to, utilizing the beforehand surface to framework your shoot. Plus, unrecorded streaming representation prime has been improved. 

There are further benefits to the GP2 processor and caller sensor. Like, improved debased airy show wherever sound is visibly little successful those less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Overall, it's a beauteous large spec bump implicit the Hero 9 and 1 that could person erstwhile buyers to upgrade. It keeps the aforesaid design, including the built-in mounting arms and uses the aforesaid artillery too. 

The Hero 10 volition beryllium disposable for £379.98 for those who with a GoPro subscription, oregon those who bargain it with one. Without the subscription it'll outgo £479.99 successful the UK. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 16 September 2021.

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