Governor Newsom Won’t Be Holding Watch Party

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Don’t telephone it a victory. That’s the connection Governor Newsom gave to his supporters connected Tuesday. If helium ends up with a favorable result successful the callback election, he’ll beryllium calling it a decision for his opponents.

Where volition helium beryllium starring up to the large announcement? The California politician who was elected by a landslide successful 2019 won’t beryllium holding a ticker party.

“I conscionable saw connected Twitter that helium was successful San Francisco appealing to immoderate volunteers to support those phones clanging…to get those radical to get retired to vote; wherever he’ll beryllium contiguous is simply a spot of a mystery,” said Democratic enactment strategist Steve Maviglio.

Although Newsom hasn’t said wherever he’ll beryllium starring up to the polls closing, helium told CBS13 that helium volition beryllium successful Sacramento aft 8 p.m. to look successful beforehand of cameras.

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