Greg Abbott Attacks Biden During Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis

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As 4 worshippers are being held hostage astatine a synagogue successful Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott was attacking President Biden.

Here is what Abbott was tweeting arsenic 4 Jewish worshippers are being held hostage successful his state:

Democrat policies to defund and dismantle instrumentality enforcement person led to chaos and accrued crime.

If Biden issues an enforcement bid that hamstrings instrumentality enforcement & endangers our communities Texas volition destruct it successful Court conscionable similar the vaccine mandate.

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) January 15, 2022

Democrats aren’t trying to dismantle and defund instrumentality enforcement.

White House officials said astir the concern successful Texas, ”

The President has been briefed astir the processing hostage concern successful the Dallas area. He volition proceed to person updates from his elder squad arsenic the concern develops. Senior members of the nationalist information squad are besides successful interaction with national instrumentality enforcement leadership.”

Greg Abbott Keeps It Classless During Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis

There is nary bully crushed for Abbott to beryllium tweeting lies astir President Biden and the constabulary portion residents of his authorities are being held hostage. President Biden has been consistently supportive of the police.

It was classless of Abbott to motorboat specified an onslaught astatine the infinitesimal erstwhile astatine slightest 4 families successful Texas are wondering if they volition ever spot their loved ones live again.

Greg Abbott has enactment the radical of Texas past during his clip arsenic governor, but 1 would deliberation that astatine slightest during a hostage situation successful his state, helium would person thing connected his caput too attacking Joe Biden with lies.

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