Greg Abbott Falls Apart When Asked How He Will Eliminate All Rape In Texas

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Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t person an reply for however helium would destruct each rape successful Texas, but helium did accidental that helium wouldn’t motion an termination exemption for rape oregon incest.


Greg Abbott gets pressed connected however precisely helium is going to destruct each rape successful Texas, and his reply is that helium won't motion a measure creating an termination exemption for rape and incest.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 26, 2021

Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE:  Now, successful 2019, which is the past twelvemonth that we person numbers for, 

almost 15,000 cases of rape were reported successful your authorities of Texas, and 

almost everyone says that that’s a terrible undercount, determination are a batch more 

cases that conscionable aren’t reported.

Is it tenable to accidental to idiosyncratic who is the unfortunate of rape and mightiness not 

understand that they are pregnant, you know, until six weeks, well, don’t 

worry astir it due to the fact that we’re going to destruct rape arsenic a occupation successful the 

state of Texas?

ABBOTT:  Well, there’s aggregate things I person to accidental successful reply to this. But 

the archetypal thing, obviously, is that survivors of intersexual assault, they 

deserve support, care, and compassion. And Texas is stepping up to make 

sure that we supply that by signing a instrumentality and creating successful the governor’s 

office a intersexual battle survivors task force.

But separately from that, Chris, I got to constituent retired astir the ways that I 

have fought to spell to apprehension and apprehend and effort to destruct rape. I 

sought the decease punishment for repetition rapists —

WALLACE:  But — but — but, Governor — Governor, excuse — Governor, 

excuse me, due to the fact that we are moving retired of time. There were much than 15,000 

rapes successful 2019 erstwhile you were governor. Let maine conscionable inquire this question, a 

state representative, Republican authorities typical is — says that he’s 

going to connection a caller measurement that would reconstruct the objection to the Texas 

abortion instrumentality for victims of rape and incest.

If that came to your desk, volition you motion it oregon not?

ABBOTT:  Well, we’ve got to spell back, Chris, to what the crushed was wherefore the 

law was passed successful the archetypal place. And the extremity is to support the lives of 

every kid with a heartbeat. And truthful we’re — we’re moving to execute that 


WALLACE:  Including — including a kid — including —

ABBOTT:  Chris — I — I got to constituent this out, Chris, and that is what 

this — this —

WALLACE:  Including a kid of a rape — of a rape?

ABBOTT:  This — this extremity is accordant with what the United States 

Supreme Court has written, and that is states person the quality to marque sure 

that we support the wellness and information of some the parent and the child. And 

that’s what we are seeking to bash here.

And I person to adhd this, and that is, Texas conscionable provided much than $100 

million successful backing for gestation centers crossed the authorities of Texas to help 

those who privation to marque definite that they volition (ph) beryllium capable to transportation a child 

but — 

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: But truthful conscionable — conscionable to fastener this down, are 

you saying, sir — I don’t mean to interrupt, but are you saying that you 

will not motion an objection for rape and incest?

ABBOTT: Well, first, I’ve got to archer you, Chris, you’re — you’re making a 

hypothetical that is not going to hap due to the fact that that measure is not going to 

reach my desk.

Greg Abbott Gets Called Out For His Nonsense About Eliminating Rape In Texas.

Greg Abbott doesn’t attraction astir rape and incest pregnancies. He is trying to clasp disconnected a superior situation from the right, and if it takes Texas rape victims being forced to springiness commencement to babies conceived by rape, helium is good with that.

Gov. Abbott has created a haven for rapists successful Texas, and his fake pugnacious speech connected eliminating rape can’t fell the information that helium has made it easier for intersexual criminals to person lifelong power of their victims.

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