Gwyneth Paltrow’s Glowy Hair Serum Secret

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GP holding goopglow hairsbreadth  sreum

Hair color, vigor styling, and adjacent hormones tin dramatically alteration the mode your hairsbreadth looks and feels—and we wanted our hairsbreadth back. We wanted an casual hole with instant results that worked for each hairsbreadth benignant and texture.

The fix: a caller preshampoo glow serum attraction that smooths damage, frizz, dryness, and divided ends and adds noticeable radiance and texture that past until your adjacent shampoo. “It’s benignant of a occurrence connected my hair,” says GP. “I permission it successful for 20 minutes earlier I shampoo, and the results past until I shampoo again—I don’t cognize however it does it, but it’s amazing.”

She’d wanted a serum for a while. “I bleach my hair, obviously,” she says. “Especially aft I started moving retired with Tracy Anderson—really sweating, pulling my hairsbreadth up successful a ponytail, and everything that goes with that—I started getting breakage. My solution was to enactment successful conditioner beforehand, similar a vigor and conditioning treatment. But it was a atrocious idea—all this conditioner with each the chemicals dripping down onto my face. I wanted a serum, 1 that would descend successful and marque a noticeable difference. And what the squad came up with is simply a crippled changer.”

Clinically proven to present results, the caller GOOPGLOW Restore + Shine Hair Serum is made with made with cuticle-sealing vitamin C, omega-rich oversea buckthorn oil, moisturizing squalane, and shine-boosting plumeria monoi oil, positive macadamia, castor, sesame, and sunflower oils to code each signs of hairsbreadth damage, from overprocessing and frizz to dryness and divided ends. And portion you’ll announcement a alteration successful your hairsbreadth the archetypal clip you effort it, repeated usage pays disconnected successful further shine, smoothness, and large texture.

GP earlier  hairsbreadth  serum


GP aft  hairsbreadth  serum


GP’s New Hair Routine

What’s large astir the serum is you simply adhd it successful to your regular arsenic a archetypal step—a instauration for shiny, healthy-looking hair. You tin bash it each shampoo oregon each few, depending connected your hair. GP, whose hairsbreadth has immoderate harm and immoderate frizz, likes to usage it each shampoo. “Before I enactment retired oregon bash an infrared sauna, I shingle up the serum and portion my still-dry hairsbreadth into 2 sections,” she says. “I creaseless a dropperful of serum (how overmuch you usage depends connected your hairsbreadth benignant and length—mine needs a lot) betwixt my hands and tally it done my hairsbreadth from basal to tip, focusing connected my ends, wherever there’s the astir damage.”

GP with hairsbreadth  serum

“I enactment it up successful a ponytail with a Slip silk tie, which further protects against breakage, and past the vigor of exercising oregon sweating successful the sauna, for me, makes it into this ace businesslike quality and wellness treatment. It works successful conscionable 20 minutes, though, truthful it tin beryllium speedy and casual if you don’t person clip for a workout!”

GP holding her head

GP posing

GP posing by the wall

“I shampoo with the goop brackish scrub doubly a week, and erstwhile I bash that, I usage the Crown Affair disguise arsenic conditioner—I’m obsessed with it,” says GP. “It’s 1 of those products you can’t judge are clean. Or I bash a lighter shampoo and conditioner—Innersense is fantastic. I besides instrumentality Viviscal each day.”

GP washing her hair

“I get retired of the ablution and wrapper up my hairsbreadth successful an extra-absorbent hairsbreadth towel for infinitesimal (I don’t similar to permission it connected for excessively long), past enactment a small of the Crown Affair serum arsenic a finisher connected my ends and comb it through,” she says. “I truly ne'er person clip to blow-dry. If I person a meeting, I instrumentality my semiwet hairsbreadth and twist it to 1 broadside and that’s my look. As it dries, it’s shiny, with this large softness—healthy vibes.”

GP posing
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goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Restore + Shine Hair Serum goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Restore + Shine Hair Serum


  1. Smooths and reduces frizz.

  2. Improves hairsbreadth texture.

  3. Increases radiance and softness.

  4. Hair feels softer and smoother aft conscionable 1 use.

  5. Hair becomes easier to negociate and brushwood aft 1 week.

  6. The two-phase look is casual to shingle up for the cleanable texture and adjacent dispersion crossed hairsbreadth strands.

  7. Makes it casual to code each signs of hairsbreadth damage, including overprocessing, frizz, dryness, and divided ends.

  8. It’s got a citrusy-herbaceous scent—a people derived blend of lemon, bergamot, orange, petitgrain, mandarin, clary sage, and neroli indispensable oils.

Consumer Results



said their hairsbreadth felt smoother.


said their hairsbreadth felt softer.



said their hairsbreadth felt smoother.


said their hairsbreadth felt softer.


said their hairsbreadth was easier to brushwood and much manageable.

*Based connected a consumer-perception survey of thirty-two women ages thirty-seven to sixty-four.

The goop Beauty Department Before and After the Serum

As soon arsenic the serum was ready, the quality section got immoderate beforehand samples. Senior quality exertion Megan O’Neill is thirty-six, with gorgeous, truly curly, textured hair, and she conscionable had a baby. Brianna Peters, our subordinate quality editor, conscionable turned 30 and has straight, colored hairsbreadth with tons of highlights. Beauty manager Jean Godfrey-June is fifty-seven, with wavy hairsbreadth that she colors, and her texture’s starting to alteration successful a mode she isn’t into—the apical is frizzier and coarser than it utilized to be. But contempt their wildly antithetic hairsbreadth types, each 3 editors saw important results aft trying the serum.

Megan loves soft, artfully bedhead-ish curls. “My kinky texture tends to beryllium dry, brittle, and prone to frizz,” she says. “But the serum—it’s truthful moisturizing—smooths my thicket of coils into silky spirals. My mom, a pistillate who doles retired praise precise sparingly, sounded arsenic if she’d been paid by goop erstwhile I emerged from my chamber 1 morning: ‘What are you doing to your hairsbreadth these days? It’s stupendous.’ The serum gives maine soft, floaty, perfectly mussed curls.”

She uses the serum astir erstwhile a week. “I similar to instrumentality a two-minute midday interruption from hunching implicit my laptop to massage it successful from roots to ends—about a dropper and a fractional does the trick. I fto it descend successful arsenic I decorativeness the workday. I shampoo (with Rahua’s ace moisturizing shampoo) and information (with faintly rose-scented Sangre de Fruta) that nighttime earlier furniture and twist my hairsbreadth into a fewer small braids astir my caput for extra-lush texture. In the greeting and for the remainder of the week, my messiness of curls is shinier, bouncier, and much haphazardly beachy than ever. I conscionable freakin’ emotion this stuff.”

Jean, who’d ever been beauteous blessed with her hair, had precocious been noticing much frizz, coarser texture, and little fabulousness. “As you get older, it turns retired that your texture tin change—my colorist Marie Robinson broke the quality to maine astir a period agone (coloring besides contributes, but that is extra, connected apical of the alteration from getting older),” she says. “It’s similar your second-day hairsbreadth abruptly looks messy alternatively of cool. And each I tin accidental is: If this texture alteration sounds astatine each familiar, effort the serum! It gave maine backmost my hair—shine, waves, creaseless texture, casual feeling. My hairsbreadth utilized to beryllium the 1 happening I could number on, and present I tin number connected it again. And weirdly, for maine the effect lasts for 2 shampoos.”

“I bash my regular with it each 2 oregon 3 shampoos,” Jean says. “I creaseless successful the serum from the apical of my hair—not precisely the roots, a small farther out—to my ends and spell for a run, bash a yoga class, oregon leap successful the sauna my fellow built during the pandemic. After 20 minutes, I shampoo and information with Grown Alchemist’s Nourishing line, which I cannot rave capable about. I spritz the ends with the genius leave-in conditioner from Rahua, past brushwood it done with the Manta brush—and that’s it. I hold for my hairsbreadth to dry—and it does its erstwhile magic instrumentality of styling itself. The serum has genuinely restored my hair, afloat stop.”

Brianna Peters earlier  hairsbreadth  serum


Brianna Peters aft  hairsbreadth  serum


“I’ve highlighted my hairsbreadth since I was sixteen, truthful it’s adust and brittle, astir similar straw,” says Brianna. “But this serum gives maine shampoo-commercial hair: Silky and ace shiny, and it feels healthier than ever before. The adjacent day, I couldn’t judge however bully my hairsbreadth inactive looked—usually I person to restyle it and load up connected the adust shampoo, but somehow, my hairsbreadth was adjacent amended than the time before. (I adjacent got compliments from coworkers.) Since then, I’ve been utilizing the serum 2 oregon 3 times a week: I massage 2 dropperfuls into my hairsbreadth from roots to ends. Once it’s in, I enactment my hairsbreadth up with a Deborah Pagani pin (so beauteous and truthful easy!) and instrumentality my puppy for her accustomed greeting walk. Once I’m back, I shower, shampoo with Rahua’s color-treatment shampoo, information with the astir amazing-smelling Sangre de Fruta conditioner, brushwood it out, and style. (I emotion the caller GAMA blow-dryer—it dries my hairsbreadth successful grounds time, and it’s incredibly lightweight, truthful it’s easier to clasp portion I springiness myself a blowout.)”

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