Halo Infinite: January Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscriber Multiplayer Bonus Revealed

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Xbox announced backmost successful December that starting that month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers would beryllium getting monthly multiplayer bonuses successful Halo Infinite. In December, subscribers received a agleam greenish MA40 AR coating, situation swaps, and a treble XP boost.

Today, Xbox has revealed what subscribers volition beryllium getting this period and, keeping successful enactment with past month’s bonus, you tin expect different agleam greenish coating. This time, though, it’s for the warthog. 

“Spartan, hole to update your armory,” an authoritative Halo tweet made contiguous reads. “With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, you’re locked successful to get monthly Halo Infinite multiplayer bonuses, including the brand-new Pass Tense Warthog coating. Claim via the Perks assemblage connected your console, PC, oregon the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.” 

As noted successful the tweet, this month’s bonus comes with situation swaps which let you to get escaped of a situation you don’t similar and regenerate it with a caller random 1 arsenic good as double XP boosts, which are 60-minute boosts that earn you treble XP for everything you do. 

The announcement tweet does not notation a day for erstwhile this month’s bonus volition spell live. For much astir Halo Infinite, cheque retired our thoughts connected it in Game Informer’s Halo Infinite review and past work astir however 343 Industries says a Big Team Battle hole is coming soon. Check retired this communicative astir a Halo Infinite subordinate who won much than 100 consecutive free-for-all matches aft that. 

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