Halo Infinite Themed Xbox Elite Controller Announced

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Today during Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live, connected apical of a slew of new information astir Halo Infinite's upcoming free-to-play multilayer, and an announcement astir the game's December 8 merchandise date, developer 343 Industries revealed a marque caller Halo-themed Xbox Elite Wireless Controller celebrating the bid 20th anniversary. 

In presumption of aesthetics, the controller is modeled intimately aft protagonist Master Chief's assemblage armor, featuring the aforesaid iconic pea-green colour strategy and ridgid breastplates. The controller is portion of the Elite Series 2, primitively revealed backmost successful 2019. On apical of each the bells and whistles the Elite controller is already known for, 1 of the large selling points down the Series 2 enactment is its 40 hours of crippled clip per charge.  

The controller is disposable for pre-order present connected Xbox's website. It costs $199.99 USD.

For much quality from Halo's large showing during Opening Night Live, click the link to larn much astir the game's release, caller multiplayer news, and a Halo-themed Xbox Series X. 

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