Hand Sanitizer Exposures On Rise; Mother Warns Other Parents After Kindergartener Collapses From Alcohol Poisoning

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MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh-area parent has a informing for each genitor retired determination astir manus sanitizer. She says what happened to her young girl was a nightmare that nary different genitor should ever person to endure.

It was her 2nd time of kindergarten astatine Moon Township area’s J.H. Brooks Elementary School.

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The small miss acceptable up her table with pencils and supplies including a caller vessel of manus sanitizer, which was connected the database of schoolhouse supplies for the kindergarten class.

By lunch, the 5-year-old miss had collapsed.

“The main called and said to get to the schoolhouse immediately,” the girl’s ma said. “She was walking a small wobbly down the hall. By the clip they got to the classroom, to the lunchroom, she fell and couldn’t beryllium up straight.”

The ma to 3 young children does not privation to beryllium identified, but did privation to stock the communicative of her youngest. She said the small miss was rushed to Children’s Hospital from the school.

“She was wholly retired of it. I tried to aftermath her and she opened her eyes concisely and she looked astatine me, but it was astir arsenic if she looked consecutive done me. And she started to outcry and past she laid backmost down,” the parent said. “I was precise scared. I had nary idea. The medic didn’t person immoderate thought either.”

Hours later, astatine the hospital, the small miss came to, but ma inactive had nary answers arsenic to what happened, until the schoolhouse called again.

“This class, each pupil has their ain sanitizer pump vessel astatine their table with their sanction connected it for their idiosyncratic use,” the parent said. “My girl had consumed fractional of that bottle. She consumed 6 ounces of 70% alcohol.”

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Her blood-alcohol level was .23.

In a statement, the schoolhouse Superintendent Barry Balaski said, “The wellness and wellness of our students is simply a priority. The territory provides hand-sanitizing stations that are disposable successful each of our schools. In addition, students are permitted to person manus sanitizer successful their table oregon backpack. However, students are not required to support it successful their table oregon backpack, peculiarly if a parent/guardian does not privation them to person it.”

Dr. Michael Lynch, caput of the Pittsburgh Poison Center, says there’s been an summation of kids ingesting manus sanitizer.

“In Pennsylvania, successful the past 18 months, much oregon little since the commencement of the pandemic, we’ve seen a 56% summation successful manus sanitizer vulnerability cases compared to the 18 months anterior to that,” helium said.

Dr. Lynch says that amounts to astir 2,300 cases, astir nether the property of 5, and astir 6% of those kids needed to spell to the hospital.

“Hand sanitizers volition typically person 70% oregon truthful ethanol, which means they’re astir 140 proof,” Dr. Lynch said. “Even a tiny magnitude tin beryllium capable to get intoxicated.”

The small miss is good now, but her ma inactive worries astir what happened and wants to marque definite different parents and caregivers are alert of the dangers.

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“I’m hopeful that there’s not going to beryllium immoderate semipermanent effects of this,” she said of her daughter.

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