Happy cats or soup? How one couple's felines took control of their Vitamix

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(CNN)Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves were looking guardant to a 2022 filled with delicious soups and smoothies. (Soups for Jessica, smoothies for Nikii.) So they bought the Cadillac of blenders, a Vitamix. It was connected merchantability and the mates was thrilled erstwhile it arrived successful December.

There's conscionable 1 problem.

They've been incapable to unfastened the container for astir a period due to the fact that their 3 cats are taking turns sitting connected it.

    Unusually drawn to the box, the 3 felines rotate 24/7, truthful the container is ne'er without a feline sitting connected top. In bid to not disturb the cats, who regularisation the location according to Jessica Gerson-Neeves, they've decided to fto the standoff play retired until idiosyncratic gives in.

      Plus, it's making them laugh, on with a batch of radical connected the internet.

      Developing a unusual fascination with their ongoing battle, CNN contacted Jessica to cheque connected the existent presumption of the couple's 3 cats astatine successful their location connected Vancouver Island successful British Columbia.

      While we spoke, their feline Max was sitting connected the box.

      So wherefore don't they conscionable determination him and unfastened the box?

      "Because everything truly is bad, bad, atrocious and this is thing that is ridiculous and comic and very, precise debased stakes. Like, there's thing astatine each astir this that is either atrocious oregon sad," Jessica laughs.

      One of the Gerson-Neeves cats, connected  his favourite  perch.

      She explains it each started the time the Vitamix was dropped astatine their doorstep. She moved it to the room and placed it connected the level for what she thought would beryllium a fewer seconds. That's erstwhile Max jumped on. He looked cute truthful she snapped a picture.

      "This decidedly started retired conscionable arsenic like, of course, we deliberation our cats are cute due to the fact that everyone who loves cats thinks their ain cats are the cutest cats. So we instrumentality pictures each clip they bash anything," Jessica says. "They truly are taking turns and you know, everyone goes, but what astir repast times? Come connected repast times! Max is not -- and ne'er truly has been -- nutrient motivated. The different 2 are precise nutrient motivated, but Max conscionable doesn't ace care. They'll eat, but if there's thing he's much funny in, helium volition happily thin to that and not interest astir food."

      When Max isn't connected the box, 1 of his 13-year-old brothers, George: Destroyer of Worlds ("sentient potato") and Lando Calrissian ("the questionably sentient particulate bunny,") is.

      The container doesn't person an antithetic consciousness oregon odor to it, from what Jessica tin tell, it's conscionable a box.

      "I curse I person a chemoreceptor similar a bloodhound and it doesn't odor similar thing to me. So if they're smelling something, it's gotta beryllium existent subtle," Jessica says.

      She started posting updates successful an online feline radical and the effect was "fast and overwhelming."

      There has not been 1 infinitesimal the container has been escaped portion the mates has been home, either unsocial oregon together. They adjacent nonstop representation impervious to each different showing who's connected the box. They've tiptoed retired of the chamber successful the mediate of the nighttime to find yes, a feline connected the box, guarding it.

      "We are spending truthful overmuch of our days laughing astatine this constituent astatine the effect astatine the comments and connected each update," Jessica says. "Because each time we station an update and I prime from the funniest oregon cutest pictures."

      The cats instrumentality     turns connected  the box, but don't similar  to.

      At this constituent the cats are (kind of) into it, arsenic overmuch arsenic cats tin be.

      "They evidently cognize that we are funny due to the fact that we're taking a batch of pictures and we're interacting with them erstwhile they're connected the box," Jessica says.

      Jessica wrote a missive to Vitamix, reasoning that they would get a footwear retired of what was going connected too.

      "I figured their societal media manager would spot it and walk it connected to different radical astatine the company," she explains. "Everyone would get a footwear retired of it."

      The institution sent the mates 3 bare "decoy" boxes.

      They tried one, but the cats rapidly realized they similar the sturdier container with the blender inside.

      "This valiant effort was unsuccessful," Jessica laughs. "Without interior enactment structure, we benignant of had to fig retired a mode to enactment worldly successful there. So the cats wouldn't autumn through."

      To each the radical who archer them to conscionable instrumentality the cats disconnected the box, Jessica gets it.

      "Have we tried ace hard? No, due to the fact that evidently we could prime up the cats and acceptable them connected the floor. Sure. They don't measurement a lot."

      Instead, the 2 are trying to marque stock their amusement.

      "This is what our household is like. Our lives impact a large woody of laughter and love. We support ourselves going with a bully consciousness of wit and trying to beryllium patient. And as, arsenic my woman says, to find joyousness wherever it lives," Jessica says.

      And truthful the $450 blender remains successful the box. No soup. No smoothies.

      "We're perfectly inundated with radical saying, ohio my God, no, no, no. Don't, don't unreserved this to a conclusion. Please instrumentality your time," Jessica says, adding "there volition travel a constituent erstwhile we volition privation to usage our caller blender."

        What volition they marque first?

        "My woman is precise excited astir smoothies. I'm a large instrumentality of soup. I'm truly looking guardant to immoderate bully blistery soup. But I deliberation astatine this point, erstwhile we yet get entree to the blender, we're some looking guardant to a bully margarita, which we've earned."

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