Here are the EE Pocket-lint Awards nominees for Best Phone (sub £500) 2021 and how to vote

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(Pocket-lint) - The Shortlist for the EE Pocket-lint Awards has been announced, celebrating the nominations across 20 categories from smartphones and tablets to games and cameras.

All of the devices and products nominated person been reviewed oregon utilized by america successful afloat implicit the past 12 months and determination are immoderate fantabulous contenders.

There are six nominees successful each category, with the Best Phone (sub £500) 2021 class focusing connected the champion smartphones retired determination for a chopped of the terms of the flagships.

These are the Shortlist nominations for Best Phone (sub £500) 2021:

These 3 cases volition  support  your iPhone 13 slim, protected, and looking fantastic

These 3 cases volition support your iPhone 13 slim, protected, and looking fantastic By Pocket-lint International Promotion · 25 October 2021

You tin get each sorts of styles and extortion levels from Pitaka's cases.

You tin click connected each of the titles supra to work our afloat reviews connected each nomination, which volition springiness you an thought arsenic to wherefore they person been nominated.

Voting successful the EE Pocket-lint Awards is now open, so you tin fto america cognize which 1 of the large phones above you deliberation should triumph the Best Phone (£250-£500) 2021 grant for this twelvemonth and give america your verdict on all, oregon some, of the different tech crossed the 19 categories.

To ballot for your favourite, head to our Best Phone (£250-£500) 2021 voting page and people the products you deliberation should win, participate your email address, and deed the taxable button. Voting closes astatine 23:59 (GMT) connected 1 November 2021.

Winners volition beryllium announced successful a video event, revealed connected Tuesday 9 November 2021 astatine 15:00 (GMT). You tin tune successful to ticker close present oregon presumption connected our YouTube channel.

Now wherefore not cheque retired the nominations successful different categories to person your say: 

On The Go

At Home


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