Hotels Booked Solid By Caldor Fire Evacuees

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PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – As evacuation centers are filling up, truthful are hotels.

Placerville is bustling with galore hotels determination afloat booked. Many evacuees from the Caldor Fire spent Tuesday uncovering a spot to enactment aft being evacuated overnight.

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“Everything is hitting america astatine once, determination is thing we tin do,” explained evacuee Melissa Gustafson.

Gustafson and her household of 7 are a fistful of the hundreds of evacuees leaving Grizzly Flats.

“We could perceive the roaring of it successful the distance. It was astir similar a pitchy level landing,” she explained.

Her household was 1 of the past to publication a country astatine Best Western successful Placerville. Hours aft settling in, she recovered retired their location of 11 years burnt to the ground.

“I don’t deliberation determination is immoderate processing close now, everything is gone. You don’t cognize what to do, you don’t cognize wherever to go,” she explained. “We mislaid the ashes to my husband’s parents, each representation I had with my kids erstwhile they were little, everything is gone, said Gustafson.

Gary Girardi and his woman are besides staying astatine the edifice and are inactive waiting to spot if they person a location to travel backmost to aft watching information footage of their location overnight with occurrence trucks and constabulary zipping up and down their thoroughfare until the powerfulness went out.

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“There’s nary app to archer you if your location is gone,” said Girardi. “We heard that it’s much gone than not, truthful we won’t beryllium amazed if ours is gone too,” helium said.

Evacuees are flooding the Placerville area, with immoderate staying successful religion parking tons arsenic others look for hotels. Holly Fukui, a manager astatine Best Western Plus Placerville Inn, said it’s been affectional having to crook evacuees distant due to the fact that they person nary much room.

“It’s hard seeing guests travel successful and losing everything and not person a spot to go, explained Fukui. “Turning idiosyncratic distant successful a catastrophe similar this — it’s precise hard to bash for anyone. We person had to crook distant astatine slightest 100 radical started past night,” she said.

It’s not lone hotels successful Placerville, it’s hard to find hotels anyplace successful El Dorado County oregon successful the vicinity, Fukui said.

“There is thing disposable — Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, going further west, astir of the properties are sold out,” she said.

The edifice is looking for different ways to assistance evacuees, including offering a escaped meal for families.

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