How God of War Ragnarok's New Director Brings A Different Perspective To The Series

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If you're acquainted with the improvement of 2018's God of War, you'll cognize however idiosyncratic of a crippled it was for Cory Barlog. The game's manager has agelong talked astir the value of crafting Kratos' instrumentality to the PlayStation country arsenic a father-son communicative that pushed the convulsive Greek deity into a much caring figure. The gamble worked, and Sony Santa Monica was capable to trade a thoughtful and epic communicative that took the champion of the archetypal bid and brought it to a caller audience.

But present times are charging, and Barlog is stepping distant to fto bid seasoned Eric Williams tally Kratos' adjacent adventure. During our chat with Williams, the recently announced crippled manager talked to america astir however he's struggled with the father-son communicative and what helium plans connected bringing to the array for Ragnarok.

"Unfortunately, didn't enactment retired for maine and my wife," Williams said. "So I struggled with that a lot. Like, however bash I instrumentality this on? You know, and it's similar luckily we bash person inactive a batch of similar fathers and mothers and parents connected the squad that I tin get stories from. So I looked astatine it from a antithetic way. I was like, okay, well, the past crippled was a batch of you had 1 young idiosyncratic and a batch of adults. So there's a batch of asking. There's a batch of telling. And I was like, well, however bash we alteration that? So there's a amended position for Atreus who's increasing into a young man. And truthful we wanted to find ways to bring characters that are person to his property successful and truthful that we tin spot those antithetic perspectives."

The 2018 rubric recovered Kratos learning to beryllium a begetter and dealing with Atreus increasing up successful a satellite helium can't afloat understand. With that, though, Atreus ne'er truly had anyone his property to turn up with and larn from. That changes successful Ragnarok with the inclusion of Angrboda, the past of the giants.

"And I benignant of looked astatine it for maine being a kid, you know, dealing with parents and remembering each that. So there's a antithetic mode successful for everyone. It tin beryllium like, oh, if you're a parent, you're going to spot it this way. You know, if if you tin retrieve backmost to being a kid, possibly you tin spot it that way. And if you're young, you're astir apt going to straddle that enactment and beryllium like damn it, similar I get this from some sides what bash I do? And that's wherever we get that humankind of information that allows radical to link and enactment their mode into the story."

When asked astir precisely what Angrboda would beryllium doing successful Ragnarok's story, the developer decided to defer to different time. Still, those acquainted with Norse mythology cognize the imaginable for a romanticist narration with Kratos' increasing boy.

For much connected God of War Ragnarok, beryllium definite to cheque retired the archetypal look astatine gameplay from the caller PlayStation Showcase!

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