How 'physically destroyed' Nadal turned it around

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Rafael Nadal admits helium was "destroyed physically" successful the lead-up to the Australian Open aft a caller conflict with COVID-19.

Playing successful his archetypal Grand Slam since past year's Roland-Garros, Nadal showed astir nary signs of rust arsenic helium cruised to a straight-sets triumph implicit American Marcos Giron, 6-1 6-4 6-2.

With Grand Slam fig 21 connected the Spanish superstar's mind, his information astatine the Australian Open appeared successful uncertainty arsenic precocious arsenic past period aft testing affirmative for COVID-19, which helium admits near him successful an uphill conflict to beryllium acceptable successful time.

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"The symptoms haven't been nice. I spent 4 days successful furniture and past 3 much days destroyed physically," Nadal told Nine's Jim Courier aft the win.

Nadal speaks connected his caller COVID-19 conflict aft archetypal circular win

"After that, I started to consciousness a small spot better, I had a antagonistic PCR aft the ninth oregon 10th time and past I had 1 oregon 2 practices astatine home, past I came here."

Prior to the 35-year-old's COVID-19 battle, Nadal had antecedently spent astir fractional of 2021 connected the sidelines, missing retired connected some Wimbledon and the US Open due to a ft injury.

He conceded helium had "a batch of doubts" connected whether helium could marque it to Australia for the summertime of tennis.

Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates winning his archetypal circular singles lucifer against Marcos Giron of United States (Getty)

"It has been a precise challenging [few] months," helium added.

"Not lone the past six months person been tough, evidently being retired of the competition, but since the past lockdown successful 2020.

"Everyone knows that I person an important wounded successful my ft astatine the opening of my career... aft those 2 months being astatine home, erstwhile I came back, it was precise challenging.

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"It's honestly been precise pugnacious successful moments with a batch of doubts, but present I americium and I can't beryllium happier to beryllium backmost successful Australia. It's fantastic for me.

"When you travel backmost from injuries things are ever hard and you request to spell time by day.

"You request to judge the mistakes and you request to forgive yourself erstwhile things are not going the due way.

"At the beginning, things are going to beryllium difficult, you volition not person the champion feeling sometimes connected the court, but staying affirmative and playing with the close energy... and winning matches helps."

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