How to access Android easter eggs: Android 12, 11, 10, Pie and more

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(Pocket-lint) - With each caller mentation of Android, Google adds successful thing of a small crippled - oregon easter ovum - hidden wrong the settings. With a fewer swipes and taps, you tin find it: if you cognize how. 

The process is broadly akin connected caller versions of Android, but there's usually thing to travel you up. Here's however to entree those Easter Eggs and what to expect.

The latest, in Android 12, is elemental clock-based game. It's inactive technically portion of the beta programme and that could mean much is added to it. The process is beauteous overmuch unchanged from erstwhile easter eggs. 


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Android 12 easter egg

Just similar beauteous overmuch each different Android easter egg, the latest 1 requires you to spell into your settings and find the 'about phone' screen, past repeatedly pat connected the bundle version. When successful, you get an on-screen clock, and erstwhile you determination the hands to 12 o'clock you get the Android 12 screen. Here's however to get to it: 

  1. Open Settings 
  2. Tap "About phone" past "Software version"
  3. Repeatedly pat "Android version" until you spot a clock
  4. Move the hands until they're successful the 12 o'clock position
  5. Now the Android 12 surface appears

That's each determination seems to beryllium to it for now. In the past - by the clip an authoritative merchandise comes astir - there's much added to marque it much of a game. So far, successful the last beta, that's not the case. 


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Android 11 easter egg

There are 2 parts to the easter ovum successful the latest mentation of Android, akin to however it's been successful the past. You person the process to get you to the hidden '11' logo, and past a further process to get you to a playable game. This year, we spot the instrumentality of the Neko Cat that archetypal appeared successful Android Nougat. 

Follow the steps beneath to statesman with: 

  1. Open settings past spell to 'About Phone' 
  2. Tap 'Android Version' to unfastened up a caller screen
  3. Now repeatedly pat connected the 'Android version' connected this screen
  4. A measurement dial graphic volition appear
  5. Turn the dial clockwise until reaches its maximum
  6. Do it 3 times and you'll spot a caller '11' maximum appears and a tiny popular up feline emoji volition look astatine the bottommost of the screen

It is - of people - a homage to the celebrated clip successful the Spinal Tap mockumentary wherever the pb guitarist shows disconnected his amp which goes 'all the mode to 11', ergo, it's louder than ones that spell to 10. 


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Now what you request to bash is adhd thing called "Cat Controls" to your shortcuts successful the powerfulness menu. So, property and clasp the powerfulness fastener to get to the controls screen. 

  1. Tap the 3 dots adjacent to 'Home'
  2. Choose 'Add controls'
  3. Now find and prime 'See different apps' astatine the bottommost of the screen
  4. Choose 'Cat controls' 
  5. Now pat the checkbox to prime the h2o bubbler, nutrient vessel and toy

To get to those feline controls to play the game, you spell backmost to your powerfulness paper surface and pat connected the down arrow adjacent to 'Home' and chose 'Cat Controls' from the drop-down menu. 

To play, you swipe crossed the h2o bubble to capable that, pat the nutrient vessel oregon pat the toy, and they'll pull a virtual cat. 

Once you've done that, you play the waiting crippled and eventually, you'll get a notification to accidental that a feline has arrived, implicit with its ain feline number. 


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Android 10 easter egg

Android 10's  process starts precisely the aforesaid arsenic different Android easter eggs. Remember that Android 10 was antecedently called Android Q, due to the fact that that's wherever this is going.

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  1. Head into settings > astir telephone > Android version.
  2. Click connected the Android mentation to unfastened that page, past connected "Android 10" repeatedly until a large Android 10 logo leafage opens.
  3. These elements tin each beryllium dragged astir the page, but if you pat connected them they rotate, property and clasp and they commencement to spin.
  4. Rotate and resistance the 1 into the 0 to marque the Q logo - erstwhile it's successful the close spot it volition drawback into position
  5. Tap connected the Q logo a fewer much times and you'll unfastened the nonogram game.

A nonogram is simply a crippled wherever you capable successful squares connected a grid based connected the usher to the side. Here you'll person numbers successful the broadside that archer you what to enactment where. It doesn't rather acceptable the surface truthful you mightiness person to rotate your telephone to spot some axis. You'll past beryllium capable to gully pictures of - hold for it - Android strategy icons. Yep, it's nary flappy bird, that's for sure.


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Android P easter egg

The Android P easter ovum is entree successful the aforesaid mode arsenic different Android easter eggs, utilizing steps 1 and 2 above. That opens a brightly coloured P logo. Rotating the telephone a small unlocks this truthful it volition flash and alteration colours. But there's a further measurement for Pixel owners. If you pat connected the P a fewer much times, you'll spell done to a drafting app, truthful you tin scribble immoderate doddles. Why? Good question.

Android O "Oreo" easter egg

Your archetypal step, arsenic already mentioned caput to the settings menu, scroll each the mode down until you scope "About Phone", pat that and find "Android version". If you property this enactment aggregate times repeatedly, you'll get to a surface showing the Android O logo connected your wallpaper. 

Repeatedly pat the "O" a fewer times past property and clasp connected it and you present you should spot a achromatic octopus onscreen. You tin present resistance the octopus astir the screen, prime it up, driblet it, messiness astir with it. 

Android N "Nougat" easter egg

You tin get to the Nougat easter ovum successful overmuch the aforesaid arsenic as Oreo, but the existent crippled is overmuch much involved. Activate the easter ovum arsenic mean by going into your settings > astir telephone > Android version. Repeatedly pat connected the Android Version tab until the "N" appears connected screen. 

Swipe down from the apical of the surface to uncover your speedy settings toggles and deed "edit". You should present spot a feline look icon with the label, "???? Android Easter egg". Drag and driblet this icon to to the main speedy settings options and spot it wherever you privation it. Now, the amusive tin begin. 

Hit your location fastener and past resistance down the speedy settings shadiness from the apical of the surface again. This clip you should spot an "empty plate" option. Tap it and you'll spot an overlay with 4 nutrient choices: Bits, Fish, Chicken and Treat. Select one, past proceed utilizing your telephone arsenic normal, and wait. 

When it does work, you'll get a notification saying "a feline is here" with the fig of the feline listed underneath. Tapping connected the notification reveals a caller surface with a feline icon which you tap erstwhile to rename, or long-press to uncover sharing options. You tin prevention a afloat solution mentation of the cat's representation to your device, oregon stock it to each your societal media accounts similar each different brainsick feline owner.   Eventually, you'll get a notification telling you that a feline has snagged 1 of the treats. But it doesn't ever work, which is benignant of the constituent of the game. You person to support trying, utilizing antithetic treats to bait a cat.


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Android M "Marshmallow"/Android L "Lollipop" easter eggs

Right earlier Android L was launched, a monolithic deed crippled called Flappy Bird deed the satellite of mobile apps. It was hugely popular, until the developer pulled it. Still, it was astir agelong capable to animate Google's Android easter eggs.

In these 2 versions of the Android OS, spell to settings > astir phone, and repeatedly pat connected "Android version" the aforesaid arsenic the others. Now repeatedly pat and long-press connected the logo that appears. Now, a mini crippled should load. In the game, the thought is to pat the surface to assistance your Android Robot debar getting stuck connected lollipops oregon marshmallows, depending connected which mentation of the operating strategy you're running.

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 21 July 2016.

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