How to add legacy Advanced Boot Options to Windows 10 or Windows 11

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Microsoft decided the Advanced Boot Options paper was nary longer needed, but with the assistance of a bid enactment punctual and BCDEdit, we tin overrule that determination and adhd it back.


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With the latest mentation of Windows 10 and Windows 11, the acquainted Advanced Boot Options paper that users could activate by pressing F8 during the archetypal footwear process connected their PCs has been removed. Microsoft decided that the options listed connected that footwear paper were easier to entree done different methods. But we don't person to judge their determination arsenic last and inconvertible.

By moving a circumstantial bid from the bid enactment prompt, we tin bring backmost the Advanced Boot Options paper whether we are moving Windows 10 oregon Windows 11. The bid is different enactment of the utile BCDEdit relation we utilized to add Safe Mode to Windows 11 successful a erstwhile article.

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Add bequest Advanced Boot Options to Windows

There is 1 caveat to adding the Advanced Boot Options paper to modern PCs, and it is the apt the crushed Microsoft decided to discontinue the menu's use—pressing the F8 relation cardinal to activate the options astatine the close clip tin beryllium highly hard connected galore modern PCs booting from SSD hard drives. The F8 cardinal indispensable beryllium pressed betwixt hardware initiation and the Windows footwear loader and people, successful general, are conscionable not accelerated capable to deed the close people consistently. Something to support successful caput arsenic you use this technique.

To adhd the bequest Advanced Boot Options to either of the existent versions of Windows, unfastened an administrative level bid enactment prompt. Type "cmd" into the Windows hunt instrumentality and prime Command Prompt with the Run arsenic Administrator option. You volition beryllium presented with the modular bid enactment strategy screen, shown successful Figure A.

Figure A


At the bid prompt, benignant this BCDEdit bid and property Enter:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

If you typed (or copied and pasted) the bid correctly, the strategy should notify you of success.

Now, the adjacent clip you footwear your Windows 10 oregon Windows 11 PC, you'll person the enactment of pressing F8 to uncover the Advanced Boot Options menu, arsenic shown successful Figure B.

Figure B


Courtesy of Microsoft

The Advanced Boot Options paper allows users to footwear their PCs successful Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, oregon Safe Mode with a bid prompt. Other options see loading Windows successful a little video resolution, with the past known bully configuration, and with drivers disabled.

These features and footwear options tin beryllium highly adjuvant erstwhile you are trying to troubleshoot your Windows PC for problems that hap during the modular footwear process. In cases involving atrocious drivers for example, booting your PC successful Safe Mode whitethorn beryllium the lone mode you tin get entree to the atrocious operator to disable it.

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If you would similar to deactivate the Advanced Boot Options paper and instrumentality to the modular Windows 10 oregon Windows 11 footwear procedure, contented this BCDedit bid from a strategy head level bid prompt:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard

Once again, the strategy volition notify you if the bid is successful.

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