‘Intense’ Yellowjacket Activity Reported Around Sacramento Area, Vector Control Says

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Vector power is sending retired a informing to Sacramento-area residents astir a caller pest they’re seeing much of: Yellowjackets.

On Tuesday, Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District announced they are seeing “intense” yellowjacket enactment successful the country – much than accustomed astatine this clip of year, officials say.

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“While this is not an antithetic occurrence for fall, they bash look to beryllium retired successful larger numbers this twelvemonth particularly compared to erstwhile seasons,” said District Manager Gary Goodman successful a statement.

Most reports of yellowjacket nests are coming from the Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Folsom and Orangevale areas.

Nests person besides been recovered on the American River Parkway and the Sacramento Zoo, officials say.

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Vector power says they removed 40 yellowjacket nests successful 1 time past week.

“Considering that each nest tin person hundreds to thousands of yellowish jackets, this tin rapidly go a menace to residents,” Goodman said.

People tin assistance support the yellowjacket colonisation successful cheque by eliminating the wasps’ nutrient sources, similar covering garbage cans and not leaving favored nutrient outside.

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Sacramento country residents are urged to interaction vector power if they request assistance successful removing a yellowjacket nest.

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