Is Call of Duty Exclusive To Xbox? Xbox Buying Activision Reactions

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Today past was made. Microsoft announced it's purchasing Activision Blizzard for a reported $68.7 billion, and the look of the video crippled manufacture is wholly different. Join Alex Stadnik, John Carson, and Wes LeBlanc arsenic they sermon the implications of this landmark woody and what it could mean for the aboriginal of video games.

First up successful our video, we recap the quality from the greeting and bring you up to velocity with the important details surrounding the colossal acquisition. We interruption down the aforementioned terms constituent but besides contextualize it with immoderate of Microsoft's (and Disney's) erstwhile purchases that seemed outrageously costly astatine the time.

From there, we database each the franchises Xbox owns, from ample AAA titles to the long-forgotten but beloved mascot platformers and each the rest. It's 1 happening to perceive that Microsoft present owns 30+ studios in-house. It's different to look done a database of each the existent titles present nether its umbrella.

Next up, the boys determination connected to however they deliberation the Microsoft acquisition volition alteration the manufacture astatine large. Will Sony respond by buying up studios for itself? Or volition the publishing elephantine beryllium contented with a twelvemonth filled with God of War, Horizon, and more? What astir the different companies specified arsenic Netflix oregon Amazon chomping astatine the spot to yet onslaught large successful an manufacture wherever occurrence has eluded them frankincense far? It's adjacent parts fascinating and terrifying, and we bash our champion to brushwood disconnected our crystal balls and sermon the future.

Finally, we accidental goodbye by discussing what positives this concern tin make and what we're excited to spot from the merger, specified arsenic the de-annualization of Call of Duty and the instrumentality of immoderate long-lost Activision properties. 

If you enjoyed this chat, we person plentifulness much connected the Xbox Activision acquisition. Be definite to cheque retired Wes' complete overview of this morning's news, Bobby Kotick's letter to the company, and much aboriginal this week! 

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