‘It’s Just Scary’: Deployed Soldier Gets Call That Home Destroyed In Caldor Fire

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GRIZZLY FLATS (CBS13) – A worker deployed to the Middle East was dealt a devastating stroke backmost location successful El Dorado County.

U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Trevor Hammonds was notified overseas that his assemblage of Grizzly Flats was being evacuated. He had to archer his wife, Hannah, to get the kids and get out.

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“I don’t know, I’ve ne'er felt specified a terrified feeling earlier successful my life,” Hannah told CBS13.

Hannah volition ne'er hide the fearfulness and anxiousness of packing up her children, dogs and adjacent chickens to flight the Caldor Fire flames creeping toward their home.

“I retrieve conscionable seeing each this fume and each the reddish blistery embers coming down and ashes. And conscionable looking astatine my location not knowing if it was the past clip oregon not. Part of maine knew that this was the past clip I was going to spot my house,” said Hannah.

It was her imagination house, the 1 she and Trevor had worked 10 years for.  Trevor was deployed lone days aft Hannah gave commencement to their son.

“And I’m doing everything connected my extremity to get assistance and get location truthful I tin instrumentality attraction of her and the babe and my daughters and it’s conscionable scary,” Trevor told CBS13.

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“And past having to telephone him and archer him that our location was gone was truthful hard, due to the fact that he’s already nether unit and stress.  And past having to archer him everything we had worked for was gone that quickly,” said Hannah.

While Hannah and the kids escaped the Caldor Fire with lone the apparel connected their backs, Trevor is present location and conscionable relieved they made it retired safely.

“Right now, it’s conscionable 1 time astatine a time,” helium said. “I mean I felt this is overwhelming emotion, happy. Just blessed to cognize that everything I attraction astir was there.”

“Knowing that there’s thing near too a small spot of my backyard,” said Hannah. “I similar to deliberation that erstwhile beingness pulls you back, it’s conscionable an arrow that shoots you guardant determination else.”

To marque matters worse, the Hammonds accidental determination was an mistake erstwhile they refinanced their location and they conscionable learned they don’t person insurance. Everything is gone and nary of it is covered.

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If you’d similar to assistance the Hammonds family, you tin donate online.

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