Jen Psaki Turns Peter Doocy’s Blaming Of Biden For COVID Deaths Into A Trap For Fox

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Jen Psaki turns the tables connected Peter Doocy arsenic helium tried to blasted Biden for COVID deaths astatine the White House briefing.


Doocy asked, “Joe Biden said astir Trump anyone who is liable for that galore deaths should not remain arsenic President Of The United States of America. Is that inactive the modular now that much Americans person died under President Biden than President Trump?”

Psaki answered, “I deliberation the cardinal question here is what are you doing to save lives and support people? The erstwhile president was suggesting radical inject bleach and did not stock with radical he was going to interact with that he tested affirmative for COVID. He provided a forum for misinformation. This president has made the vaccine wide disposable and relied connected the proposal of his health and aesculapian experts. He is trying to beryllium a portion of solving this situation and getting the pandemic nether control. There is simply a beauteous stark difference betwixt the approaches.”

Fox News has a strategy for trying to usage Psaki’s briefings for their propaganda. Fox cuts into the briefing erstwhile Doocy is astir to inquire his Fox talking constituent question, and aft Psaki answers, they instantly chopped away.

Jen Psaki isn’t allowing the briefings to beryllium utilized for propaganda. In fact, she has taken the accidental that Doocy’s questions contiguous and delivered a dose of information to Fox’s viewers.

Press Secretary Psaki knows precisely what Fox News is trying to do, and she is utilizing it to archer Fox News viewers the information that they bash not privation to hear.

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