Jenna Jameson's partner says she doesn't have Guillain-Barré Syndrome

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(CNN)Jenna Jameson is inactive struggling with her health, but it turns retired she does not have Guillain-Barré Syndrome as antecedently thought.

Her partner, Lior Bitton, posted a video on Jameson's verified Instagram relationship Tuesday successful which helium said Jameson is inactive successful the infirmary and does not person the disease.

"It was confirmed by the doc aft 2nd trial and 5 rounds of IVIG [intravenous immune globulin]," Bitton said successful the video recorded Monday. "So she does not person the Guillain-Barré."

    "She inactive successful the infirmary with connected going neurological tests," helium wrote successful the caption. "Thanks for each the prayers delight support connected praying convey you truthful much. God bless!"

      Last week Jameson posted a video successful which she shared that she was hospitalized successful Hawaii.

        "I'm dealing with a small syndrome called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, truthful I'm moving done that," she said successful the video. " And I conscionable wanted to fto you cognize that I spot each your DM's and I admit it truthful much."

          Prior to that, Bitton had posted a video explaining that Jameson was undergoing investigating aft throwing up a large woody for respective weeks. A travel to the infirmary and a CT scan didn't uncover thing and she was sent home, helium said.

            But, according to Bitton, her information worsened and she yet was incapable to locomotion and was hospitalized.

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