Jim Jordan Went On Fox And Virtually Admitted A 1/6 Cover-Up For Trump

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said that nary 1 with communal consciousness would speech to the 1/6 Committee and accused the committee of being retired to get Trump.


Jim Jordan suggests that it is communal consciousness for blameworthy Republicans not to speech to the 1/6 Committee, " I deliberation anyone with communal consciousness would beryllium reluctant to spell speech to this committee." pic.twitter.com/tq8kzznNB8

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 16, 2022

Jordan said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

 Well, archetypal of all, I think anyone with communal consciousness would be reluctant to spell speech to this committee. They’ve already proven they will alter grounds and prevarication to the American radical astir it. So you’ve got to question, you know, conscionable what they’re up to when they beryllium they volition do that. 

And past second, I think everyone successful the state sees this arsenic a governmental operation. This is designed to get after President Trump due to the fact that they don’t privation him to tally again because president Trump, I think, is going to tally again, and I deliberation he’s going to win. And arsenic you rightly constituent out, Maria, they won’t look astatine the one person, the Speaker of the House and her responsibility, Bennie Thompson, their — chairman of the committee, has basically said she’s off-limits, and she’s the 1 responsible for the information of the United States Capitol. 

Jim Jordan Basically Admitted That He Is Not Talking To The Committee To Protect Trump

Jim Jordan’s comments rise adjacent much questions astir what Trump said to him. If Trump said thing that could beryllium construed arsenic incriminating, it would beryllium bully for some Jordan and Trump if the congressman from Ohio would archer the committee what helium knows.

Trump has already implicated Jim Jordan successful the coup plot, truthful Jordan has a self-preservation motive for keeping his rima shut.

Jim Jordan knows something, and helium doesn’t privation the committee to find out, which is wherefore helium is participating successful a 1/6 cover-up for Trump.

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