Khawaja's kind response to viral Ashes moment

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Australian prima Usman Khawaja thanked skipper Pat Cummins and his teammates for a infinitesimal that volition specify the caller skipper's captaincy for a agelong time.

As the Australians celebrated their 4-0 bid win, Khawaja, who is Muslim, jumped disconnected the signifier arsenic the champagne bottles were being opened.

Cummins noticed Khawaja was absent and told players to enactment the bottles down earlier calling connected Khawaja to instrumentality to the stage.

Khawaja posted footage of the infinitesimal connected societal media and praised his teammates for keeping him included.

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"If this video doesn't amusement you that the boys person my back, I don't cognize what will," Khawaja said.

"They stopped their mean champagne celebrations truthful I could rejoin. Inclusivity successful the crippled and our values arsenic a athletics are truthful important.

"I consciousness similar we are trending successful the close direction."

It was an incredibly classy motion from Cummins, who has enjoyed a stellar debut Test bid since being appointed arsenic captain.

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Australia observe aft winning the Fifth Test successful the Ashes bid betwixt Australia and England astatine Blundstone Arena connected January 16, 2022 successful Hobart, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images) (Getty)

"We've got a truly divers clump of radical and you privation to observe that and you privation to marque definite everyone feels comfy being themselves. That was conscionable 1 moment," Cummins said.

"The boys are fantastic successful that space. They ever look aft each other. It's a truly tight-knit group.

"I deliberation 1 of the reasons is determination is simply a batch of respect and emotion for each other. We had to marque definite our teammate was successful the photograph with us."

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