Lady Dimitrescu Needs To Be Added To Monster Hunter

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Monster Hunter has been a nexus for crossover content from Capcom franchises to astonishment collaborations with properties similar The Witcher. Today we got confirmation of an unthinkable caller Palamute layered armor that transforms your ridable hunting pup into Mega Man’s robotic canine companion. With astatine slightest 1 Capcom collab acceptable for merchandise this fall, I wanted to interaction connected immoderate characters, weapons, oregon armor I’d similar to spot added into Monster Hunter Rise. Beware of spoilers for Resident Evil Village below!

While Monster Hunter World had a fewer impermanent monsters to hunt, we haven’t seen creatures from extracurricular the series added to Rise yet. However, I deliberation this adjacent Capcom summation could beryllium the cleanable clip to present an breathtaking caller carnal to hunt. One that's precise antithetic from those we've fought before. When it comes to imposing monsters, Lady Dimitrescu has galore of the Capcom bosses kneeling astatine her feet. Standing astatine 9’6” tall, she’ll operation implicit immoderate hunters successful the field, though a small exaggeration successful her tallness for effect wouldn’t hurt.

Her inclusion arsenic a hunting people would present a unsocial gimmick: a humanoid monster. Very fewer beasts successful Monster Hunter get adjacent to the signifier of a human, fto unsocial a towering aristocrat. In this form, Lady D tin usage her sword-like claws to onslaught and person swarms of insects attack the hunting party. Though this is conscionable 1 signifier of Lady D, she tin alteration into a mutated dragon-like body, overmuch much akin to the Wyverns we’re utilized to taking connected successful Monster Hunter. If you haven't seen it, it's similar Capcom someway made a much disturbing mentation of Khezu.

Imagine a multi-phased brushwood that begins with Lady Dimitrescu stalking you astir the map, taking death-dealing swipes astatine the hunters successful your party. She past brings retired her trio of daughters for assistance earlier taking her final, disgusting dragon signifier for the last enactment of the fight. Using Parts from the monstrous dragon assemblage could beryllium utilized to physique classical Resident Evil costumes, oregon adjacent a layered armor acceptable featuring Lady D’s achromatic formal and elaborate hat.

But that’s conscionable 1 imaginable Capcom collaboration I’d similar to see, adjacent if it is alternatively ample successful some tallness and scope. Which Capcom characters oregon costumes would you similar to spot travel to Monster Hunter Rise? Do you similar my phased Lady Dimitrescu conflict scenario? Let your dependable beryllium heard successful the comments!

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