Lake Tahoe Community College Soccer Teams Evacuate, Plan To Continue Tournament Season

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The flames of the Caldor Fire are raging toward their location turf, but Lake Tahoe shot teams they’ve got a batch to play for.

The Lake Tahoe Community College shot teams accidental they won’t fto the occurrence clasp them back. They evacuated past week, and are present holed up successful a Sacramento Hotel.

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Coach Jeremy Evans is calling it, “Tahoe connected Tour.” It’s been 20 months since his teams had a game, present they’re forced to instrumentality their talents connected the road, vowing to support the play going contempt the occurrence threatening their location turf.

Tuesday, the Lake Tahoe Coyotes are scrounging up signifier abstraction astatine American River College, aft being forced from their location tract by the menace of fire.

For Coach Evans, helium says the magic is successful “the details,” telling his squad to absorption connected the small moments connected the field.

Those moments springiness his players, similar freshman Hannia Medina, a distraction from what’s happening astatine home. Her hometown is South Lake Tahoe.

“I’m precise devastated, it’s thing abbreviated of a tragedy, it’s my location it’s each I’ve ever known,” said Medina.

Coach Evans knew the evacuation bid was coming to campus.

Covid chopped their full play past year, helium says helium was determined to find a mode to fto this squad play.

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“I’m not going to fto a occurrence portion them of what could beryllium an astonishing student-athlete experience,” said Coach Evans.

So helium started moving connected a backup plan. He told his students, to drawback everything they could, and they left.

For immoderate players, it didn’t look real.

“Whatever you left, you can’t spell back, due to the fact that you can’t get backmost in,” she said.

He recovered a edifice successful Sacramento and bused them out, not knowing what they’d instrumentality to. The squad volition play successful Sacramento and successful Los Angeles this week, but aft that, Coach Evans doesn’t person an answer.

“We’re conscionable trying to unrecorded successful the infinitesimal close present due to the fact that the world is the semipermanent infinitesimal doesn’t look large for Lake Tahoe,” Evans said.

Living successful the moment, and day-by-day, triumph oregon lose, they cognize what they’re playing for.

“Especially successful Tahoe close now, anticipation is beauteous important,” said Evans.

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