Leaf-inspired material makes different liquids flow in opposite ways

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Technology 16 September 2021

By Leah Crane

A aboveground  with 3D ratchet structures and Auricaria leaf

A aboveground with 3D ratchet structures, which alteration liquids of antithetic aboveground tensions to dispersed successful antithetic directions, inspired by Araucaria leaves

City University of Hong Kong

A unusual leafage has inspired a caller benignant of worldly that tin impact the travel of liquids. The scaly texture of the leafage forces fluids with antithetic properties to travel successful other directions – adjacent if 1 of those directions is uphill.

Araucaria is simply a genus of evergreen trees – including immoderate known arsenic monkey puzzles – with spiky, cylindrical leaves made up of smaller, scale-like segments called ratchets. Zuankai Wang

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