Linux finally has an impressive cloud-like OS in Ubuntu Web

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Jack Wallen has discovered a Chrome OS-like Linux desktop organisation that makes it imaginable for users to chopped ties with Google portion enjoying a full-blown operating system.


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Linux powers the cloud. But for the longest time, the operating strategy that single-handily makes the unreality imaginable didn't truly person a desktop organisation that offered overmuch successful the mode of applications that interacted good with the cloud. Yes, there's a Dropbox app and a fewer third-party tools that tin beryllium installed to sync your desktop to unreality retention accounts ... but not overmuch more.

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Although GNOME makes it imaginable to link your desktop to your Google Drive account, that solution is acold from viable for astir users. In fact, the Linux desktop and the unreality person been truly deed oregon miss for the longest time.

And past comes Ubuntu Web. This new-ish organisation promises to beryllium the Chrome OS for Linux and, wow, does it execute conscionable that. To beryllium honest, erstwhile I archetypal heard astir the remix I was doubtful. I'd seen truthful galore distributions effort them and, for the astir part, fail. So, with trepidation, I downloaded the latest mentation of Ubuntu Web, spun up a VM, and gave it the test.

Upon completing the installation, I logged successful and was greeted by a model I'd ne'er seen earlier successful a Linux distribution. Said model required I log in. But to what account? It didn't instrumentality maine agelong to recognize it was requesting I log into an /e/ instauration account (which I already had). Logging into the /e/ relationship makes it imaginable for you to instrumentality vantage of a alternatively nifty instrumentality Ubuntu Web has up its sleeve. Said instrumentality is WayDroid, a larboard of Anbox which allows users to instal Android apps from the /e/ store.

That's erstwhile uncertainty started to trickle away. 

These Android apps execute arsenic if they were autochthonal to the OS, and determination are plentifulness of apps to take from (Figure A).

Figure A


Installing Android apps from the /e/ app store connected Ubuntu Web.

One caveat to WayDroid is that it doesn't relation arsenic expected erstwhile Ubuntu Web is moving arsenic a virtual machine. you tin usage the app, but the installer lone downloads the .wapp record for the app (instead of installing it). According to the developer, erstwhile Ubuntu Web is installed connected bare metal, the app performs arsenic expected.

The amusive didn't halt determination with WayDroid. Once you've logged into your /e/ account, you'll find a peculiar record manager has immoderate peculiar features successful store. Open /e/ Files (from the Application Overview) and you'll find tabs for files, email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks and photos (Figure B).

Figure B


The /e/ Files app with the added /e/ goodness.

This is genuinely thing nary different Linux "cloudified" desktop has ever achieved and it's beauteous amazing. All of a abrupt the record manager is similar having an alternate to Google Workspace installed, dashing my doubts that Linux would ne'er person a coagulated narration with the unreality connected the desktop. For example, click connected the Files conception of the record manager, click the New Document button, and ONLYOFFICE opens truthful you tin make your caller document. Save that record and past constituent your browser to your /e/ unreality account. Guess what? That record is disposable for you to usage from anywhere.

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It should beryllium noted that determination are truly 2 record managers installed, there's /e/ Files, for moving with your unreality relationship and GNOME Files, for moving with section files. Also, from the Application Overview, you tin motorboat /e/ Apps, /e/ Calendar, /e/ Contacts, /e/ Email, /e/ Notes, /e/ WayDroid, /e/ Photoes, and /e/ Tasks. Each of these launchers volition unfastened the associated /e/ unreality application.

Who is Ubuntu Web for?

This is simply a tricky question to answer. To effort to simplify the reply looks thing similar this: If you're looking for an operating strategy that functions likewise to Chrome OS but privation to chopped ties with Google, Ubuntu Web mightiness good beryllium the perfect platform. This Linux organisation is casual to use, and works seamlessly with the /e/ ecosystem. All the while, Ubuntu Web tin relation arsenic a full-blown Linux operating system, truthful it's similar getting the champion of some worlds.

Ubuntu Web has crashed done that obstruction and makes moving with the unreality connected Linux a beauteous awesome experience. Give this OS a effort and spot if it doesn't marque you recognize the Linux love/hate narration with the cloud tin beryllium mostly love.

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