Lyon takes 'absolute screamer' in Tassie Test

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Nathan Lyon took a drawback connected time 2 of the Hobart Test described by Australian cricket royalty Shane Warne arsenic "an implicit screamer".

Diving debased and to his near astatine backward constituent during the 25th implicit of England's archetypal dig, Lyon unexpectedly pouched the shot to region Ben Stokes disconnected the bowling of Mitchell Starc.

The pinkish shot appeared to beryllium cannoning to the off-side bound arsenic soon arsenic it changeable disconnected Stokes' bat, the damaging all-rounder punching the back-of-a-length Starc transportation with powerfulness disconnected his backmost foot.

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But Lyon, not lone Australia's top off-spinner successful Test past but a superb fielder successful the gully-point region, chopped the shot disconnected successful a singular infinitesimal astatine Bellerive Oval.

Nathan Lyon took an exceptional drawback connected the 2nd time of the Hobart Test to nonstop Ben Stokes backmost to the pavilion. (Fox Cricket)

Starc and his teammates were stunned astatine what Lyon had done.

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"What a drawback that is from Nathan Lyon," Warne said connected Fox Cricket.

"Great anticipation.

"He's perfectly creamed this, Ben Stokes. He thought it was 4 the infinitesimal it near the bat.

"But, somehow, Nathan Lyon anticipated this and took an implicit screamer ... Low, you look astatine however hard helium hits this, Ben Stokes, inches disconnected the ground. Good drawback from Nathan Lyon ... Super catch."

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Ben Stokes' innings was ended by a tremendous Nathan Lyon drawback successful the Hobart Test. (Getty)

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan added: "Brilliant from Nathan Lyon".

On a chaotic 17-wicket day, England were bowled retired for 188 successful reply to Australia's first-innings full of 303.

Australia past reached stumps connected time 2 astatine 3-37, with 2nd driblet Steve Smith (17) successful the mediate with nightwatchman Scott Boland (three).

Australia pb the bid 3-0.

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