Man raising funds to help sweetheart battling cancer

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – A Grand Strand antheral is connected a ngo to assistance his precocious schoolhouse sweetheart who is battling a uncommon crab for the 2nd time.

Mateo Montalvo met Haley Smith erstwhile they were successful precocious schoolhouse and they fell successful love.

The mates says they’ve been done the champion of times, but close now, things are a small tough.

Smith is erstwhile again battling a uncommon Stage Four cervical cancer. She archetypal bushed the aforesaid benignant of crab erstwhile she was conscionable 17 years old.

Smith made a precise hard determination this week to shave her caput due to the fact that the chemo attraction this clip astir has been much aggressive.

As a motion of support, Smith’s begetter had her shave his caput first. The household says her crab conflict is their conflict excessively and they’ll bash each they tin to enactment her beating it again.

The household said the process of warring the illness the 2nd clip astir is proving to beryllium a spot much challenging and costly. They started a GoFundMe leafage hoping to rise wealth for aesculapian needs but it wasn’t enough.

Montalvo instantly came up with an thought to assistance them. He’s been doing car detailing for a fewer months, and present helium is donating each the wealth helium makes to Smith and her household to assistance with her aesculapian needs.

“It shows maine each time that I americium loved and I americium supported and each time it’s thing that keeps maine going,” Smith said.

“I don’t regret anything. I’m precise blessed I’m doing this for them,” Montalvo said.

Each dollar volition spell towards Smith’s aesculapian and question needs successful her conflict against cancer.

“Sometimes my security conscionable doesn’t screen each expense,” Smith said. “This is conscionable 1 little happening we person to interest astir is each these expenses.”

“You tin get your car elaborate anywhere. Maybe that spot does a amended occupation than I do. But it doesn’t person the aforesaid cause. It doesn’t person the aforesaid heart,” Montalvo added.

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