Manly star angrily denies 'garbage' rumours

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Sea Eagles prima Marty Taupau was forced to angrily contradict rumours that helium was dormant connected societal media past week.

A troll placed a station connected twitter stating "All of these young sportsmen person precocious died of abrupt bosom failure, each vaxxed."

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She past posted photos of a twelve salient sportsmen astir the satellite - including Taupau.

The station created a Twitter feeding frenzy… until Taupau clang tackled the rumour.

Martin Taupau of the Seas Eagles. (Getty)

"Psssst F*wit!," Taupau wrote with an emoji of a mediate digit extended.

"Get your facts close earlier you constitute this benignant of garbage #covidiot."

Meanwhile, Taupau is delighting the Sea Eagles with his exertion to pre-season grooming aft it appeared helium was acceptable to permission the nine a fewer months back.

Taupau is connected large dollars astatine Manly and the nine was reportedly considering letting him trial himself connected the unfastened market.

But the Kiwi prima appears definite to enactment astatine Brookvale present and has been starring the mode successful the brutal summertime grooming program.


Parramatta has been deed harder than astir clubs by the COVID epidemic.

In conscionable the past week, the bug has deed manager Brad Arthur, galore of his unit and prima players Mitchell Moses and Reagan Campbell-Gillard.

"About two-thirds of the squad and grooming unit person had it by now," an Eels insider told Wide World of Sports yesterday.

"It's made things pugnacious but amended to get it present than during the play and the remainder of the boys person soldiered on."

Parramatta Eels manager Brad Arthur. (Getty)


Phil Gould continues to bring erstwhile stars backmost into the fold astatine the Bulldogs.

The latest to rejoin the nine is 1988 premiership-winning fullback Jason Alchin.

Gould was successful his archetypal twelvemonth of coaching erstwhile helium took the Bulldogs to the rubric and helium and Alchin person kept successful interaction since then.

Willie Mason won the 2004 Clive Churchill Medal. (Getty)

The erstwhile inferior backmost - who played implicit 100 games successful each grades for the Bulldogs, volition enactment arsenic a endowment scout for the nine connected the NSW northbound coast.

News of his assignment comes conscionable a time aft erstwhile cult leader Willie Mason was appointed arsenic a fulltime subordinate of the Bulldogs Coaching Staff arsenic Pathways Transition Coach.


Starford To'a's determination from Newcastle to the Tigers past week has re-ignited speech of halfback Luke Brooks moving the different way.

The Knights stay keen connected Brooks - but the Tigers are refusing to entertain speech of a release.

"Luke is grooming the location down and moving truly good with (new signing) Jackson Hastings," a Tigers root told me.

"We are truly keen to spot the 2 of them combining retired determination erstwhile the play starts."

Luke Brooks volition stay astatine the Tigers according to a source. (NRL Imagery)

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