Mario Kart Needs A Super Smash-Style Makeover

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Mario Kart is simply a fantastic franchise – 1 of Nintendo’s best, easy – but it’s clip for it to travel to an end. Now, that’s a spot of a loaded phrase, but I wholeheartedly mean it: we don’t request different Mario Kart game. What we bash need, however, is simply a marque caller breathtaking kart crippled from Nintendo. It should diagnostic not conscionable Mario (can’t permission down the Kart King similar that) and the gang, but Link, Zelda, and different Hyrulian characters, too. We should inactive beryllium capable to contention with the Inklings from Splatoon, but if I want, fto maine contention arsenic Protagonist from Astral Chain oregon adjacent Lappy. 

What I’m proposing is the extremity of Mario Kart and the opening of Nintendo Kart. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe connected Switch is the pinnacle of the franchise – it features much tracks than immoderate different entry, the astir characters, the smoothest racing, the champion mechanics, and 1 of the astir banging soundtracks successful each of games. I can’t spot a satellite wherever Nintendo tops it. It mightiness make Mario Kart 9, a crippled arsenic arsenic bully arsenic Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but surpassing it? How bash you adjacent bash that portion remaining wrong the confines of the Mushroom Kingdom (and the fewer non-Mario characters and tracks featured successful Deluxe)? I don’t deliberation you do, and that’s wherefore Nintendo should stroke disconnected the lid with Nintendo Kart, a caller kart franchise with a Super Smash Bros. inspiration. 

Super Smash Bros. had humble beginnings connected the Nintendo 64. It featured conscionable a fistful of characters, tame mechanics, and importantly less stages than aboriginal entries would contain. It was truthful dang fun, though, and astatine the bosom of that amusive was watching Mario bushed Kirby up close aft Kirby laid into Link, who conscionable took Ness’ last stock. Seeing these characters interact successful a caller mode was fascinating, and it provided the groundwork for what would go 1 of Nintendo’s astir palmy games. I’m not saying Nintendo Kart needs to instantly leap to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presumption – conscionable absorption connected Nintendo characters for present and support the roster small. 

Make each racer unsocial and support them heavy inspired by the franchise they’re from. Pick the astir iconic locations from their games and make breathtaking playgrounds for players to contention and conflict on. Mix up the look with caller items and possibly adjacent propulsion successful immoderate character-specific mechanics. Imagine if Astral Chain’s leader could propulsion a concatenation astir a racer up of them and usage it to propulsion themselves up? What if Link could usage the Sheikah Slates’ magnesis quality to latch onto different racer and way down them for a mates of seconds? As originative arsenic Nintendo gets with astir of what it develops, the possibilities for these abilities could beryllium endless. 

And yes, I expect upbeat jazz renditions of each racer’s theme, but don’t halt there: bring successful immoderate of the much metalcore-inspired euphony from Astral Chain, utilize the Ocarina of Time, foodstuff up races with immoderate Splatoon-inspired funk rock, and flip successful the Pokémon taxable opus for bully measure. Just get chaotic with it. 

Personally, I’m bushed of racing astir connected Mushroom Kingdom tracks. Shaking the look up with tracks from each racer’s franchise and sticking to said franchise’s art, alternatively than trying to blend it each unneurotic into the colorful and bubbly benignant of Mario Kart, would supply the caller overgarment of overgarment Nintendo’s kart racing efforts need. 

What’s champion astir the thought of Nintendo Kart is that it’s conscionable the start. From there, you make a sequel and instrumentality the bid to caller heights, overmuch similar Super Smash Bros. Melee did connected GameCube. Eventually, Nintendo Kart Ultimate tin go a reality. While its Smash Bros. counterpart lies dormant for a mates of generations (Sakurai deserves the break, y’all), fto this beryllium the flagship Avengers Endgame-esque team-up kart racer that each Nintendo console needs. 

Nintendo Kart Ultimate could transportation the emblem of advertisement that Smash Bros. has ever been for assorted Nintendo IPs. All the while, it could springiness fans a caller mode to interact with beloved characters similar Mario, Ganondorf, Shulk, Olimar from Pikmin, and eventually, Sora, Master Chief, and others (maybe Waluigi if Nintendo’s feeling nice). 

I emotion Mario Kart. It’s been a Nintendo staple successful my beingness for arsenic agelong arsenic I tin remember. But alternatively than effort to amended upon Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which seems astir impossible, fto that bid extremity connected a precocious enactment and rev up the motor of a caller 1 with Nintendo Kart. 

What absorption bash you privation to spot the Mario Kart bid spell successful with the adjacent iteration? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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