Marvel's Moon Knight TV series: Release date, trailers, and how to watch

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(Pocket-lint) - Disney has been coy astir which Marvel Studios accumulation is adjacent up to deed its streaming service, but if we had to guess, it's Moon Knight.

The workplace revealed during Disney+ Day precocious past twelvemonth that it's moving connected a Moon Knight series, the archetypal trailer of which lands connected 17 January 2022. Now, reports are claiming Moon Knight's merchandise day is imminent, with salient leakers suggesting it volition beryllium unveiled alongside the authoritative trailer.

Either way, here's everything you request to cognize astir the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four project.


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What is the premise of Moon Knight?

The six-episode TV bid volition archer the communicative of hired weapon Marc Spector.

Saved by Egyptian gods erstwhile near for dormant successful the desert, Spector dons the mantle of Moon Knight. He has dissociative individuality upset and is mostly a small crazy. Over the people of the comics, Spector's individuality changes rather a bit, arsenic does his backstory. For instance, successful immoderate versions, helium has superpowers, acting arsenic the vas for Moon God Khonshu. But, successful different iterations, helium is much of a mortal.

We cognize Oscar Isaac is slated to prima arsenic Marc Spector/Moon Knight, acknowledgment to a archetypal look astatine the amusement that debuted during Disney+ Day.


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Who stars successful Moon Knight?

In summation to Oscar Isaac, the formed is rounded retired by Ethan Hawke arsenic an undisclosed villainous role. May Calamawy has besides been formed successful the series. Jeremy Slater, who worked connected Josh Trank’s ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot and adapted superhero play The Umbrella Academy for Netflix, is starring the penning squad connected Moon Knight. It's besides been reported that Mohamed Diab volition service arsenic a manager connected the upcoming project.

When volition Moon Knight premiere?

An authoritative merchandise day has yet to beryllium announced, but the astir caller leaks and reports constituent to 30 March 2022.

Where tin you watercourse Moon Knight?

Disney has already revealed the TV bid volition premiere connected Disney+.


Are determination immoderate Moon Knight trailers?

So far, Disney has lone released a teaser trailer for the archetypal authoritative trailer - which is scheduled to globally premiere during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup (streaming connected Hulu/ESPN/ABC) astatine 8:15pm ET connected 17 January 2022. That's 1:15am connected 18 January successful the UK. So, you won't person to hold long.

Tune successful MONDAY for the satellite trailer premiere of the all-new @disneyplus archetypal series, @marvelstudios#MoonKnight during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup connected @espn/@abcnetwork.

— Hulu (@hulu) January 15, 2022

How to drawback up and get acceptable for Moon Knight

There are implicit 2 twelve Marvel Studios movies and shows to watch. It's hard to accidental if immoderate of those volition beryllium indispensable to the caller show. Pocket-lint has rounded up the full Marvel Cinematic Universe and the champion mode to ticker it here. We suggest astatine slightest watching the caller Disney+ shows oregon everything aft Avengers: Endgame, since that movie closes retired Phase Three and we're present good onto Phase Four with Moon Knight.

For a look astatine what other is coming to Disney+ successful the MCU, spot our guide: Upcoming MCU projects: Every movie and TV amusement successful the works.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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