Media Molecule-Developed Dreams Game Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale Announced, Available Today

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Media Molecule has announced Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, a caller playable crippled the workplace made successful its 2019 instauration game, Dreams.  

The crippled seems to beryllium centered connected 2 dungeon-crawling protagonists who indispensable conflict “hideous monsters” and lick “fiendish puzzles” to beforehand done Ancient Danger’s medieval setting. There is, of course, loot and wealthiness to beryllium recovered passim each of these dungeons, and determination seems to beryllium a cute bat astatine the halfway of its story, arsenic the sanction alludes to. 

As you tin spot successful the trailer above, Ancient Dangers looks rather large and it’s pugnacious to representation it arsenic a crippled made wrong Dreams, which is itself a game. Credit to Media Molecule, though, for doing conscionable that. Ancient Dangers looks great, too, which is particularly breathtaking due to the fact that it’s already retired arsenic of today. 

Here’s the authoritative statement for Ancient Dangers:

“Join the teenage orcs Scoria and Gabbro arsenic they squad up with their caller friend, Herb the Bat, connected a quest to find the renowned snozzleaf. Will Scoria and Gabbro find the herb they request to cure their grandmother’s unspeakable snoring? Can their wise-cracking bat pal find his mode home? Get playing present and spell amusement those dragons what happens with you messiness with teenage Orcs!”

Ancient Dangers is simply a third-person dungeon crawler, featuring a single-player mode wherever players power Scoria, and a co-op mode, which adds Scoria’s twin, Gabbro, to the mix. The co-op mode is sofa co-op only, though. Media Molecule says caller PlayStation trophies person been added to Dreams for players to unlock portion playing done Ancient Dangers, too, truthful if trophy hunting is your thing, you don’t privation to miss this. 

For much astir Dreams, cheque retired our thoughts connected its merchandise successful Game Informer’s Dreams review

Will you beryllium checking retired Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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