Modesto Police Release Graphic Bodycam Footage Of Shooting That Resulted In Officer’s Amputated Leg

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MODESTO (CBS13) — The Modesto Police Department released authoritative footage from an incidental that resulted successful 1 serviceman needing his limb amputated aft being shot.

The video starts with footage from a dashcam and chopper pursuing a motorcyclist that sped distant from an attempted postulation stop.

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Officers responded to the location the motorcyclist fled to, and the motorcyclist yet surrendered.

Chopper and bodycam footage shows officers converging connected the location arsenic the fishy exited retired of the house’s beforehand doorway with different individual. Both men were held astatine gunpoint and ordered to get connected the crushed with their hands down their heads. The afloat video can beryllium seen here. (WARNING: The footage contains graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.)

After uncovering drugs connected the suspect, officers obtained a hunt warrant for the home.

The footage continues with the bodycam of the serviceman who was shot—Michael Rokaitis. Rokaitis uses his patrol car’s PA strategy to bid anyone inactive successful the location to travel retired earlier officers participate for their search.

“This is the Modesto Police Department. We cognize you are inside. We volition beryllium searching this location with this hunt warrant, but we’d similar you to surrender peacefully,” Rokaitis says implicit the PA system.

Three much people—two women and a man—exited the location during Rokaitis’ announcements.

Footage from Officer Billing’s bodycam shows aggregate officers approaching the beforehand doorway calling retired again for anyone inactive wrong to travel retired earlier they entered the home.

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The officers began clearing the home, and erstwhile they approached the past bedroom, a abstracted unseen individual—later identified arsenic 42-year-old Jesse James Brooks of Modesto—was recovered to beryllium hiding successful determination and opened occurrence connected the officers.

Jesse James Brooks, 42 (credit: Modesto Police Department)

Officer Rokaitis was changeable arsenic soon arsenic helium stepped into the doorway. He and the different officers instantly fired backmost astatine Brooks. Several shots were fired from each parties.

The shooting is country from aggregate angles, and successful footage from Officer Davies’ bodycam, she tin beryllium seen dragging a bloody Rokaitis distant from the chamber doorway aft helium was shot.

“I got you, buddy. I got you, buddy,” Officer Davies says, earlier calling retired for aesculapian assistance for Rokaitis. “I request 1 for Mikey. He’s changeable successful the stomach.”

Rokaitis was changeable twice: erstwhile successful his bullet-proof vest and erstwhile conscionable below, hitting the artery to his close leg.

(credit: Modesto PD)

The footage continues with officers detaining a bloodied and injured Brooks.

Brooks received insignificant injuries erstwhile officers returned fire, was treated astatine a section hospital, and released backmost into constabulary custody. He was arrested for assorted weapons violations and 3 counts of attempted execution of a constabulary officer.

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No different officers were injured successful the shooting.

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