More Revenue, Fewer Hours: Company Says 4-Day Work Week Increased Productivity

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September 15, 2021 astatine 1:54 pm

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (CBS Boston) – The five-day enactment week is arsenic American arsenic pome pie, but successful caller years, it’s been called into question. Turning the play into a three-day play is thing that’s been tossed astir by immoderate experts and adjacent the taxable of assorted studies. Now, 1 institution says giving its employees an other time disconnected has really coiled up making them adjacent much money.

In May of 2020, Dockwa, a marina preservation app that connects boaters and marinas crossed the country, did distant with the dreaded Monday workday. It doesn’t look similar they’ll beryllium returning down that roadworthy anytime soon. “We wanted to combat worker burnout,” says Jessica Palmer, VP of People Operations. “We realized that the authorities of the satellite was changing, and we truly wanted to marque definite that our employees were present, that they remained happy.”

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The start-up institution has offices successful Cambridge, Massachusetts and Newport, Rhode Island. They accidental since switching to a four-day enactment week, the numbers talk for themselves. “What we recovered was successful the twelvemonth aft we implemented the change, we saw astir 100% twelvemonth implicit twelvemonth maturation successful ARR, which is revenue. We were capable to bash that successful spite of moving less hours,” says Meghan Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer.

“I don’t spot a satellite wherever I could spell truly spell backmost to a five-day enactment week,” adds Austin Schofield, Marina Success Manager.

Pay and clip disconnected were not affected for Dockwa’s 50 employees, who person been noticeably happier and much productive erstwhile they’re connected the clock. “Dive close into Tuesday and having that compressed week truly keeps you a batch much focused and optimizes your clip and conscionable operating much efficiently,” says Schofield.

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So portion Dockwa helps their customers bask the outdoors, it’s thing their employees tin bash much of present excessively with much escaped time. “Being capable to benignant of locomotion that locomotion with its ain employees and let them to adjacent their devices, get offline, get retired into the world, I deliberation it truly bodes good for the values of the company,” says Anderson.

The exemplary has besides attracted caller employees to enactment there.

“I started with the institution successful February of past twelvemonth and it was a large origin successful wherefore I chose the role. I’m a parent, I’ve got a four-year-old daughter. Having Monday disconnected allows maine to person conscionable a small spot of clip backmost for my ain sanity,” Anderson adds.

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“We tin bash life. Whether it’s participating successful things connected a weekday that we weren’t capable to successful the past, oregon truly absorption connected our wellness truthful we tin travel backmost to enactment astatine 100%,” says Palmer.

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