Most incredible and insane records ever broken in tech

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(Pocket-lint) - We've seen immoderate beauteous hair-raising record-breaking attempts implicit the years, but these are immoderate of the astir absorbing tech records you'll ever see.

Everything from motorised toilets to the longest Lego railway way ever built. There are immoderate beauteous awesome and utterly nerdy records retired there. Keep with america to spot immoderate of the champion incredible, bonkers and amusing records from implicit the past fewer years.

Oldest video games YouTuber

Shirley Curry from the US utilized to clasp the rubric of oldest video games YouTuber. At implicit 80 years aged and counting, she managed to accumulate an awesome 238,449 subscribers and had clocked up 6,509,749 views astatine the clip of winning the record.

But she has present had the rubric yanked from her by Hamako Mori from Japan. The Gamer Grandma arsenic she is known is implicit 89 years aged and has been gaming for 38 years. 

Youngest nonrecreational videogamer

From the aged to the precise young, gaming is fashionable with everyone. Victor De Leon III (AKA Lil Poison) holds the grounds for being the youngest nonrecreational gamer though.

He started playing erstwhile helium was conscionable 2 years aged and started competing astatine a nonrecreational level astatine the property of four. In 2005, astatine 7 years old, helium signed a woody with Major League Gaming, and became the youngest signed nonrecreational video gamer. Quite a feat. We're not definite our parents would person fto america bash that. 

The largest gathering of chess players

Gaming isn't conscionable for video crippled players. Plenty of radical emotion committee games too.

In 2010, 20,483 radical showed their emotion for chess by turning up to a wide competition. The metropolis of Ahmedabad successful India played big to a record-breaking lawsuit that saw each these chess players battling it retired to smash the satellite record. 

Most drones successful the sky

The Chinese metropolis of Xi'an played big to an awesome aerial show successful 2018 erstwhile a record-breaking 1,300 drones enactment connected an aerial show to smash the grounds for the Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously.

As if that wasn't enough, the drones besides had galore lights allowing them to enactment connected a colourful lighting show too.

A superb usage of exertion and an awesome record-breaking feat. We can't hold to spot what happens erstwhile idiosyncratic tries to apical this one. 

Fastest robot to lick a Rubik's cube

We mightiness beryllium acrophobic that 1 time robots volition instrumentality each our jobs and enslave humanity, but successful the meantime, they're being enactment to immoderate reasonably absorbing uses. 

Take this robot constructed by Zackary Gromko for example. Built to scan a Rubik's cube, past make a solution programme, the robot tin past usage its six arms to lick the puzzle successful grounds time. 

The bot is susceptible of completing a Rubik's cube successful 2.39 seconds and it was that velocity that broke the record. Zackary Gromko said astatine the clip that "Even the champion quality methods up astatine this constituent tin instrumentality 60 turns, but truly immoderate cube tin beryllium solved successful little than 20 turns." 

Maybe robots are superior to radical aft all. 

Longest Lego bid track

In 2013, 80 radical with a passionateness for Lego got unneurotic successful Denmark to physique the biggest Lego railway ever constructed. It took astir 100,000 Lego bricks and railway pieces. The bid travelling down the artifact railway took astir 4 hours to scope the extremity of the enactment and break the record

Fastest velocity successful a assemblage controlled pitchy motor powered suit

In 2019, British inventor, Richard Browning set a caller record for the fastest formation successful a body-controlled pitchy engine-powered suit. The Ironman-like pitchy engine-powered suit clocked up a staggering velocity of 85.06 mph (136.891 km/h) astatine Brighton Beach successful East Sussex, UK

We lone anticipation this is simply a sensation of the aboriginal of idiosyncratic transportation. 

The astir costly telephone fig ever purchased

Phone numbers tin beryllium tricky to remember, truthful radical are plentifulness blessed erstwhile they negociate to get their hands connected a large one. Mobile networks often complaint a premium for fancy numbers, but nary of them are apt to outgo arsenic overmuch arsenic the record-breaker.

The astir magnitude of wealth ever paid for a telephone number was $2.75 million. 

The fig successful question was 666 6666, which immoderate radical mightiness presumption arsenic atrocious luck, but in Arabic, it is associated with the connection for God. 

Guinness World Records

Most unthinkable  and insane records ever   breached  successful  tech representation  2

Largest toothpick sculpture

Star Wars fans are rather a clump of enthusiasts. As if to beryllium that point, successful 2017 Stan Munro from the New York, USA, took to creating this magnificent exemplary of an Imperial Star Destroyer made wholly of toothpicks. 

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This record-breaking sculpture measures 1.48 metres long, weighs successful astatine 3.4kg and contains nary little than 15,000 toothpicks. An awesome feat of modelling and a superb illustration of attraction to detail. 

Largest rideable hexapod robot

This awesome instrumentality is simply a record-breaking six-legged rideable robot lovingly crafted by Matt Denton from Hampshire, UK. At implicit 9 feet gangly and 16 feet successful diameter, it's rather a monster. This hexapod smashed the records successful November 2017, but we emotion however it looks similar it was made retired of Meccano. 

Female gamer with the astir subscribers

Streaming gamers and YouTubers are becoming progressively popular, but successful 2017 Tiffany Herrera (AKA iHasCupquake) broke into the Guinness World Records hallway of fame by becoming the astir fashionable pistillate games broadcaster connected Youtube.

At the clip her channel had 5,461,793 subscribers but it's present astir 7  cardinal and counting.

Fastest toilet

From the fastest and coolest idiosyncratic transport you've ever seen, to a mode of transport that's apt to crook heads if thing else. This grounds shows the fastest toilet ever created.

Built by Robert English, Thomas Ellis, Joe Summers and William Beaty from the UK, the fastest toilet reached a velocity of 113.531 km/hr (70.545 mph). The grounds states that "They fixed a toilet and cistern to a go-kart framework powered by a 250-cc Yamaha engine, and utilized a toilet brushwood arsenic a cogwheel stick."

Sounds some terrifying and hilarious. 

Most functional gadgets successful a cosplay suit

An awesome spot of cosplay by Keith Dinsmore from Portland, Maine, USA created the closest happening to Batman we're apt to spot successful the existent world. Certainly thing each cosplay enthusiasts could animate excessively portion the mean idiosyncratic tin conscionable marvel astatine the attraction to item and passionateness that went into creating it.

His suit included a record-breaking fig of gadgets totalling 30 antithetic gizmos. His efforts besides bested the erstwhile proprietor of this grounds who had conscionable 23 gadgets connected his suit.  

Most alternate power methods utilized to implicit Dark Souls

Dark Souls has a spot of a estimation for being unforgiving and incredibly hard to play. It wasn't pugnacious capable for gamer Benjamin Gwin (AKA bearzly) though and helium acceptable astir proving that constituent by playing it with the "most obscure" and "terrible" controllers helium could laic his hands on. 

The gamer managed to implicit the crippled with 9 antithetic controllers including everything from a Rock Band drum kit to a microphone, Wiimote and an Xbox 360 controller portion playing with conscionable 1 finger. 

At the clip Bearzly said helium was readying connected completing the crippled with adjacent much controllers successful future, including of each things, a existent clump of bananas. Certainly a record-breaking champ arsenic acold arsenic gaming is concerned. 

Fastest electrical monowheel motorcycle

When it comes to idiosyncratic transport, determination are a just magnitude terrifying modes of getting astir being constructed by recording-breaking enthusiasts.

This electrical monowheel motorcycle doesn't look similar the safest motorbike we've seen but someway managed a apical velocity of 95.04303kph (59.057 mph) successful May 2021. 

Monowheels are not casual machines to ride, truthful this grounds not lone speaks to the plan of the machine, but the accomplishment of the rider too. 

Largest arcade machine

American gaming enthusiast Jason Camberis from Illinois, USA crafted this magnificent arcade instrumentality successful 2014. The record-breaking gaming cabinet was recognised arsenic the largest built at 4.41 metres tall, 1.93 metres wide and 1.06 metres deep. 

We're not definite wherefore you'd privation specified a monolithic gaming instrumentality successful a satellite wherever exertion is perpetually shrinking, but there's nary denying it's impressive. If you person the currency though, you can bargain 1 of your own

Longest videogame marathon connected Mario Kart

Who doesn't emotion a bully crippled of Mario Kart? These chaps indispensable truly emotion it, due to the fact that successful 2018, Ben Fick, Anthony Lehnertz and Hunter Nierman (all from the USA) broke the grounds for longest videogame marathon connected Mario Kart by playing for implicit 40 hours. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 26 September 2018.

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