‘My Wife Is Sick’: Sonora Man Stands Behind His Wife After Alleged Murder For Hire Plot

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SONORA (CBS13) — A Tuolumne County caregiver is pointing to the pandemic arsenic the crushed wherefore she snapped and planned to prosecute a hitman to termination her husband.

For Jeremie Butler, helium said the past twelvemonth has been a nightmare arsenic helium stands down his wife.

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He wouldn’t talk connected camera but said his woman is conscionable 1 illustration of an overworked frontline idiosyncratic that needs help.

Heidi Butler, a Sonora caregiver and mother, was accused of a murder-for-hire crippled targeting her husband. Now, it appears she whitethorn person suffered a intelligence wellness breakdown.

Jeremie Butler said that breakdown was, successful part, owed to her frontline enactment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Working 7 days a week for implicit 4 months straight, volunteering connected the beforehand lines during the COVID outbreak astatine assorted hospitals,” helium said. “Her publication helped to prevention the lives of many. She conscionable didn’t person anyone to prevention hers.”

It’s been much than a twelvemonth since her apprehension astatine her location connected Woodduck Lane.

Investigators said 1 of Heidi Butler’s co-workers astatine Adventist Health called the FBI saying she had asked astir guns and was discussing hiring a Hells Angel to transportation retired the hit.

There was besides speech of poisoning her husband’s Diet Cokes with COVID-19.

She was reportedly going to wage for the execution with a $500,000 beingness security argumentation connected her husband.

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The obscure details connected however Heidi Butler would allegedly transportation retired the transgression stood retired to defence lawyer Jennifer Mouzis.

“What that says to maine was that this either wasn’t a superior denotation that she wanted to termination him, oregon that she was truly suffering from a psychotic break,” she said.

Mouzis agrees with Heidi Burler’s attorney, who has said she is an fantabulous campaigner for a intelligence wellness diversion—which would mean treatment, not jailhouse time.

“Those each measurement successful favour of treating her, alternatively than criminalizing her behavior,” Mouzis said.

Jeremie Butler besides claimed his woman had an undiagnosed intelligence condition. Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho weighed in.

“When the stressors transcend the coping skills and quality we bash sometimes spot what we telephone a intelligence wellness breakdown wherever a idiosyncratic who was precocious functioning each of a abrupt suffers precise important objective symptoms,” Dr. Ho said.

Jeremie Butler told CBS13 helium inactive loves his wife. He said helium conscionable wants beingness to instrumentality to mean for his full family.

“I effort my hardest to beryllium the champion antheral I tin be,” helium said. “I’ve stayed successful this matrimony for my children. I’ve stayed due to the fact that my woman was sick. I cognize this 100%.”

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Heidi Butler has pleaded not blameworthy and has been retired of custody since September aft her bail was lowered to $100,000. She has appealed for intelligence wellness attraction alternatively of a transgression trial. That proceeding is acceptable for December.

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