Nate Burleson On Co-Hosting ‘CBS Mornings’: ‘The One Thing I Do Very Well Is Tell A Story’

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September 6, 2021 astatine 6:50 am

(CBS Local)– Nate Burleson has been entertaining radical for years arsenic an NFL wide receiver, a sports & amusement big and a businessman. On Tuesday, the 40-year-old volition get the accidental to scope an adjacent bigger assemblage arsenic 1 of the co-hosts of the recently rebranded “CBS Mornings.” Burleson joins Gayle King and Tony Dokoupil each weekday from 7am-9am EST and the caller unit volition beryllium broadcasting from a marque caller workplace successful Times Square.

CBS Local’s Katie Johnston precocious caught up with Burleson to speech with astir his travel from the NFL to CBS News, the proposal helium has received frankincense acold from King and Dokoupil and what excites him the astir astir the accidental to enactment connected 1 of the biggest shows successful television.

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“When I was playing, I was ever progressive successful media,” said Burleson. “Then I went to the Broadcast Bootcamp a small past the midway constituent of my vocation and it was an eye-opener for me. I near that bootcamp with pats connected the backmost and individuals successful the concern saying that I had an accidental to bash this erstwhile I got done playing, but I didn’t truly perceive that though. I walked distant realizing however overmuch I didn’t cognize astir the creation of being connected TV. There was truthful overmuch much to the creation and trade of being a media personality.”

The Emmy-Award victor Burleson retired from the NFL successful 2014 and says helium is looking guardant to utilizing the level of “CBS Mornings” to archer each antithetic types of stories astir the fiscal world, contention successful America and the civilization of food.

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“This is simply a blessing that I’m present sitting successful this spot and moving connected CBS Mornings due to the fact that this is premier existent property successful this business,” said Burleson. “I person worked up to this constituent to gain this spot, truthful I’m excited to amusement radical antithetic layers of Nate Burleson they’re not acquainted with erstwhile the amusement really kicks off. The 1 happening I cognize I bash precise good is archer a story. Whether it’s my beingness oregon idiosyncratic else’s, oregon thing that is wholly applicable to what we are dealing with nowadays.”

While Burleson has a batch to look guardant to successful his caller job, 1 of his favourite things already is being capable to stock the acceptable with seasoned veterans similar King and Dokoupil. The caller co-host of “CBS Mornings” loves however Gayle & Tony embraced him from the commencement and helium has learned a batch from them already.

“Gayle has been incredible. Everything that you person heard and you person seen astir Gayle, she is that and past some. She is highly passionate and she puts the enactment in. She cares truthful overmuch astir this job. Then determination is the journalistic attack she takes and Tony is the aforesaid way. We vibed close retired the gate. We graduated the aforesaid twelvemonth successful precocious school. A batch of the satellite we see, we look astatine it done the aforesaid eyes. When I walked in, the archetypal happening they said was they were excited to person maine and we look guardant to moving with you.”

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Watch “CBS Mornings,” starting Tuesday, September 7 from 7am-9am EST connected CBS.

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