New Prezi features make it easy to build a brand template for video conferences

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Brand Kit works with each video templates to tailor presentations with watermarks, customized plan and sanction and rubric display.


User tin adhd make branded templates for video conferences via Prezi's caller sanction Brand Kit.

Image: Prezi

Prezi announced contiguous a caller Brand Kit that customers tin usage to personalize video meetings. Presenters tin usage the caller features to adhd a sanction and rubric successful the little 3rd of the surface and to usage brand-specific colors and fonts. In February, a related update volition connection the quality to alternate betwixt aggregate Brand Kits.

Jim Szafranski, main enforcement officer, Prezi, said successful a property merchandise that the caller features marque it casual to marque the virtual gathering abstraction successful the aforesaid mode you would an in-person office.

"Our updated Brand Kit instrumentality is designed to supply hybrid workers with the credibility of a well-branded integer situation to assistance thrust much two-way engagement connected video meetings," helium said.

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Prezi's elder vice president of Product Management Chris Ford developed the diagnostic and utilized his CGI merchandise and concern enactment astatine Pixar to bash so. 

"Compelling imagery and colors are the cardinal to capturing a user's attraction successful a virtual environment," Ford said successful a property release. "Branding the video gathering acquisition helps found deeper operation and a much immersive experience, which successful crook raises the prime and engagement of the meeting."

Prezi works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and Google Meet.  The institution added respective caller features to the level past fall, including the quality to:

  • Toggle betwixt View Modes to marque it casual to item a cardinal feature, information constituent oregon merchandise demo video.
  • Use the caller side-panel-only mode to preview slides close adjacent to the video conferencing app.
  • Switch betwixt Dark/Light modes based connected OS settings to amended readability.

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Prezi precocious interviewed much than 1,000 hybrid bureau workers to recognize what features successful a video conferencing level hybrid workers deliberation would marque virtual meetings better. Here are the priorities identified by the survey: 

  1. More immersive video gathering experiences/building idiosyncratic connection 
  2. Tools that are profoundly integrated wrong existing workflows 
  3. On-screen branding and beingness for unit and income video meetings 
  4. Expanded quality for the assemblage to prosecute the talker done ocular and copy-driven responses
  5. Ability to marque immoderate contented oregon platform video-ready

In summation to making meetings much interactive, determination are other ways to combat video league fatigue and trim the cognitive demands of this signifier of communication. Stanford researchers urge utilizing these tactics:

  • Take the video model retired of full-screen mode
  • Hide yourself from presumption successful the chat window
  • Create much abstraction betwixt the spectator and the camera

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